27 August 2020 20:33

Stella Island Resort

Want the best food, film, music, arts and culture news sent straight to your inbox? Sign up for regular updates of events happening in Wales Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email Are you looking for a last-minute holiday abroad? If the nation's favourite seaside towns aren't cutting it for you, we have found a great deal that could be for you. A holiday resort in the Greek island of Crete is offering guests a luxury stay at its Maldives-inspired villas for the cheap price of £88pp. The incredible Stella Island Resort has 225 rooms.

Luxury Greek holiday resort has Maldives-inspired villas on offer for just £88pp

Each one has a private decks, with hammocks overlooking clear blue water, and some also have jacuzzis in them, The Mirror reports. While the Maldives is an incredible option, many Brits cannot afford a trip, with holidays costing thousands of pounds. Resorts can cost more than £1,000 per night, without any flights, and other transport. But a stay at Stella Resort is far cheaper - and Greece is on the 'safe' travel list and just a few hours away, making it a very attractive option. The overwater villas start from £177 per night, making it a much more affordable stay too. A three-night stay in a luxury room with a pool view, with breakfast included, is on offer from September 27 to 30 for £181 per night. There is a range of options on offer with holidaymakers able to choose to have a private pool, or hot tub. Each overwater bungalow has a hammock, and a private deck with access to the tranquil swimming pool, and a screen for privacy between villas. (Image: Stella Island Resort) The incredible Grand Overwater Bungalows are even more luxurious, with hammocks over the water and private jacuzzis. Prices start from £177 a night, but you can go all-inclusive from £200 with guests able to dine at four different restaurants. Activities on offer include water sports, and horse riding, while there is also a spa if you're not relaxed enough. Bookings for more than three nights includes private transfers from the airport, and premium bookings include transfers, spa session and a glass of fizz on arrival.