31 August 2020 22:30

Strike Lethal White Robin Ellacott

Strike: Lethal White is back on our screens, and we are thrilled that Cormoran and Robin are on the cast once again, this time investigating the claims from a disturbed young man that he once witnessed the murder of a child - and it has haunted him ever since. READ: Meet Downton Abbey star Dame Maggie Smith's family – and you may recognise her sons Tom Burke - Cormoran Strike Perhaps best known for BBC's The Three Musketeers, we adore Tom as the gruff, war veteran detective. He opened up about how Cormoran's relationship with his ex Charlotte will play a bigger part in the new series, explaining: "It's not immediately obvious why somebody like Strike would get so caught up with somebody like Charlotte. "But I suspect a lot of his behaviour is to do with a kind of comfort or insulation - he likes his stodgy food, his beer, and he's had this strange, painful childhood which is still a raw nerve. His relationship with Charlotte is like somebody wilfully running towards pain." Holliday Grainger - Robin Ellacott Holliday is brilliant as the up-and-coming sleuth Robin, and is also well known for her roles in The Borgias, Cinderella and Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Speaking about the show's love triangle between Robin's husband Matthew and Cormoran, she said: "I think we're all just rooting for her and Strike, aren't we? She and Matthew have to end. "And maybe that's because she's growing into the person she's meant to become, doing the work she was meant to. Something she's brilliant at, passionate about, and which Matthew has been totally unsupportive of from the very start. We see their relationship begin to strain from the very moment she takes the job and starts to become the person she wants to be.

The person she is." WATCH: Strike: Lethal White trailer Kerr Logan - Matthew Suncliffe Kerr plays the somewhat unlikeable Matthew, Robin's disapproving husband who is suspicious of Strike and hates her job as a PI. The actor has previously starred in Victoria, Game of Thrones and Alias Grace. Chatting about Matthew in the latest series, he explained: "For me, Matthew represents a breed of men that, I hope, is dying out. Someone with an old-school, old-fashioned view of women and what a relationship between a man and woman should look like." Sophie Winkleman - Kinvara Chiswell Sophie, or Lady Frederick Windsor, is both a member of the royal family and an actress! about her role in Strike, she said: "Strike was a fabulous experience. She's not very sympathetic." Sophie has previously starred in Two and a Half Men, Poirot and Death in Paradise. She is also perhaps best known as Big Suze in Peep Show. Natalie plays the lovely Lorelei, Cormoran's kind and thoughtful new girlfriend who tries to be supportive of his demanding job, despite his burgeoning feelings towards Robin. She has previously starred in Rig 45, Death in Paradise and Jekyll & Hyde. Robert Glenister - Jasper Chiswell Robert is best known for starring in Spooks and Cold Feet. In the new season, he plays the Minister for Culture who is a somewhat unpleasant man. He hires Strike and Robin as he is being blackmailed from two different sources. The case peaks Strike's interest as Billy, the disturbed young man who saw a murder, grew up on the Chiswell estate, and he wonders whether the two are related. Natasha O'Keeffe - Charlotte Campbell Peaky Blinders actress Natasha is set to play Cormoran's ex-girlfriend Charlotte, with whom he shares a very volatile, complicated relationship. "Charlotte has been written as a haunting presence for Strike, probably the worst kind of ex that you could possibly want," she joked. "She's manipulative and has a way of being there at the very moment someone's feeling their weakest. But, despite all that, she's also rooted in something real." Adam Long - Rafe Chiswell As a member of the Chiswell family, Rafe is seen as something of a hell-raiser, having killed someone while driving, but has since tried to mend his ways. The role is a far cry from playing the weak-willed and increasingly desperate Lewis Whippey in Happy Valley. He has also starred in Bancroft and The Passing Bells. Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox. This Strike: Lethal White Episode 2 review contains spoilers. With Strike's wealthiest client's head plastic-wrapped like a fridge-ready ham, how will the agency afford somebody to answer the phones now? There are more than enough people – including but not limited to his own wife and children – who'd presumably be happy to see Jasper Chiswell breathe his last. Not least among them Geraint Winn, the Labour MP whose fraudulent charity finances were exposed in episode two, giving Chiswell what he needed to shut down Winn's blackmail. Thanks to Strike and Robin's patented 'Can I just use your loo' trick (every series, never fails. If you ever need to keep a secret from these two, for goodness' sake direct them to the nearest public convenience), we now know that there's a link between Chiswell and Winn's two dead children. The odious Freddy and the tragic Rhiannon had beef so posh you can't even buy it in Waitrose: she took his girlfriend's place on the fencing team, so he abused her at his 18th birthday ball. Was Freddy's abuse a factor in Rhiannon's suicide? Was it really a suicide? So many questions, and none of them as important to Strike fans as the first real outing of The Green Dress. If you've jumped straight in to series four and skipped The Cuckoo's Calling, The Silkworm and Career of Evil(no excuse, they're all on iPlayer), then the significance of The Green Dress requires some explanation. In short, it's a symbol of Cormoran's thoughtfulness and raging horn for Robin, being the dress he tried not to notice she looked a total bombshell in and clearly coveted while she was working undercover at a posh frock shop in series one. Strike bought it for her as a thank you, which is why a jealous Matthew didn't want her to wear it at their housewarming party. The reason Matthew tore the dress when ignoring the definite 'no' of a rape survivor this episode, was less to do with jealousy and more to do with the fact that, from his Instagram doorknob photos to his continual belittling of Robin's professional life, Matthew is awful.