11 November 2019 00:37

Swollen rivers and flooded villages already on high alert face more rain over the coming days, forecasters say.


Swollen rivers and flooded villages already on high alert face more rain over the coming days, forecasters say. It comes after some areas in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire were deluged by a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours. Hundreds of people have been told to leave their homes over the past few days, with entire streets knee-deep in water and some train routes still closed because of flooding. Image: A house semi-submerged in the village of Fishlake Many people have camped out on the second floor of their homes, hoping the waters will subside quickly. One woman died when she was swept away in the River Derwent in Darley Dale.

Annie Hall was the former high sheriff of Derbyshire. Her body was pulled from the water on Friday. Advertisement Severe "danger to life" warnings along the River Don in South Yorkshire remain in place, according to the Environment Agency. Some 40 active flood warnings and 95 flood alerts were are still in place on Sunday evening. More heavy rain is forecast on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with a yellow Met Office warning in place for Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. It covers the same areas where people are trying to clean up their ruined homes after this week's deluge. In the cut-off village of Fishlake, near Doncaster, many stranded residents sought shelter in the local pub. The village remains under about 3ft (91cm) of water. Doncaster Council has said it will not provide "ground support" in Fishlake because the advice for residents is still to evacuate. About 20 miles south, in Worksop, a woman has described how she and her family were left homeless after the floods destroyed their house. Image: Fire and rescue crews have been helping people in Fishlake Robyn Conley, 18, lives with her mother and disabled siblings. "The damp could affect my sister massively," she said. "We thought she was going to have a seizure (on Friday night). She kind of knows when she's going to have one... she knows the signs." Image: Robyn Conley and her disabled siblings have seen their Worksop home destroyed She added: "We had to get on the boat and go to the chemist. They told us that they had no medication for my sister, which was scary for us." The family are staying with her grandmother and expect to be in a hotel on Tuesday - but still need to find a place to stay long term. "One day it's perfect," said Ms Conley. "Everything's absolutely fine. The next day we've lost our house." Friday: Roads turn into rivers in Rotherham The band of rain heading for the UK from the Atlantic is expected to reach Northern Ireland later on Sunday, before hitting Wales and northwest England tonight. The rain will continue to spread eastwards across the country through Monday. Some parts of the country could even get some snow later in the week. Areas around Llangollen in North Wales got a covering on Saturday, with the coldest night of the season so far, -7.1C (19.2F) recorded in Altnaharra in the Scottish Highlands.