31 December 2019 02:31

Sydney Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks

If your one big resolution for 2020 is to stop putting things off until the very last minute—well, you still have one more day to indulge in a bad habit. The five-course meal with seatings at 6 and 6:30 p.m. will feature courses like chicken liver paté with pita, cured salmon, and shrimp bisque—with an optional sixth-course dessert. Fountain Square's inventive meat market will host a Hindsight 2020 party with passed hors d'oeuvres, including a signature antipasto platter and paté de fruit Jello shots. There will be midnight bubbles and one drink of choice included in the price of admission. A five-course Mexican New Year Sparking Wine Dinner is planned at the cozy end of Mass Ave, starting with roasted red prawns.

Reservations for the sit-down meal are full, but last-minute walk-ins can still jockey for a spot at the bar. In addition to its full menu, the luxe seafood restaurant will offer two specials on New Year's Eve: broiled sea bass over lobster risotto with roasted red pepper cream and fennel herb salad, and a Piedmontese filet. A prix fixe dinner includes a choice of three elaborate courses—a starter, entrée, and dessert. Eat local on New Year's Eve Looking for a romantic dinner for two or a family-sized meal that you don't have to cook this New Year's Eve? If you read the last two Valley Shoppers, you'd find specials from Crookston restaurants and bars like the Irishman's Shanty, Crookston Eagles Club, Happy Joe's, IC Muggs & Best Buy Liquor who will welcome you into their doors on NYE.

What ever you decide, be happy and be safe this New Year's Eve. So let's all be on the lookout and wary of things that all of that new white stuff might be covering up. Like your natural gas meter outside of your house, or your roof vents, or the fire hydrant on the corner of your street, which might be covered by a big drift. There are things we don't want the snow to cover, so take a look and get it cleared. Let people have fun with their serious/half-joking New Year's resolutions Some people kind of get smarmy when it comes to New Year's resolutions. So many people make them, but before the end of January, most resolutions have been broken. If someone who wants to somehow better themselves and makes a resolution to do so, there's no law that says you have to be their biggest cheerleader, but you can certainly support them. And if they break their resolution, big deal. New Year's resolutions are kind of a gag, most definitely, but if someone wants to make one, let them have their fun. When the Minnesota Gophers football team takes the field in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day against Auburn, their offensive coordinator they employed last week, Kirk Ciarrocca, won't be there. And with that, you have the latest example of coaches in NCAA athletics being allowed to do things that student-athletes don't. Suddenly, people are defending the way the NCAA does things, citing the recent decision to allow student-athletes to profit off their own likeness. Plus, the rule change is years away from taking effect; watch the NCAA water it down between now and then. Help stray, feral cats this winter Whether you like it or not, there are stray and feral cats that roam local neighborhoods even in the cold winter weather and it can get difficult for them to find shelter for survival. Using old tires and some scrap wood, you can make a cat shelter by cutting a hole on one end of the tire with a saw, nailing an equally-sized wood sheet on each side of the tire and filling the tire with wood chips. These makeshift shelters can get cats out of the bitter cold if even for a short while. It's then your choice whether you want to provide food/water or bring them to a local animal rescue. Either way, you're doing a good thing by providing shelter from the storm.