24 October 2020 04:35

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T.I. Further Explains Why He's Avoiding Busta Rhymes' Verzuz Battle

Busta Rhymes has looked back on his time at high school, and his rap battles with then fellow student Jay-Z. Appearing on 85 South Show, Busta looked back at the rise of fast flow and chopper rap in the mid-1990s. "Hov was on that shit really early," he said, before recalling a rap battle with Jay-Z while the two of them were in high school. "Ultimately, Hov got the best of the battle in that moment," he said. "I was just starting to figure out how to master my fascination with the speed rap.

"He was doing it at an incredible level of skillset. And was displaying that shit like water spilling all over the place. Just taking shape and form whatever way he felt like it 'cause he had been on his shit with it," he continued. "Me, at that point, with my competitive ass, I always wanted to have my rematch," Busta said. "It didn't happen which was fine because I ended up getting my skillset developed to the point where I don't think nobody want to fuck with a n***a now." Busta is set to release his new album next week.

The long-awaited 'Extinction Event Level 2: The Wrath of God' is set to drop on October 30 and will mark his tenth studio LP. Earlier this month, he teased one song which contains contributions from late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard. Advertisement "I'm in such a good mood I feel like sharing some shit with y'all. Fuck with me real quick," he said. Update 10/23/2020 2:35pm: T.I. took to Instagram Live to respond to Jeezy challenging him to a Verzuz battle, and it seems the two Atlanta stars are going to have an epic showdown.

T.I. told viewers that they're "in for a ride," and added that "it's going to be an honor." This comes after Busta Rhymes went back and forth with Tip over a Verzuz battle, which T.I. stated that he doesn't think was the best person to be going against them. He addressed the situation with Busta again on IG Live, stating, "I spoke to Busta. He added, "If you play a record that came out in '87, what I'm gone do? What am I gone do? Original 10/22/2020 10:51am: T.I. has been debating on who he's going to go up against in a Verzuz battle, as he previously called out 50 Cent.

Busta Rhymes also told Fat Joe that he wants to battle T.I., who responded and said that while he has a lot of respect and admiration for Busta, he thinks they're from two different eras. Now, Young Jeezy has called out Tip on Instagram, telling him, "I don't know what you're avoiding me for. I'll tell you what, though. Since it means that much to you, put a date on it." This comes after T.I. seemingly alluded to going up against Jeezy during an interview with Complex, telling them,Everybody keep saying me and Young. But if Young wanted this smoke, he'd say it. If y'all want it, tell him to say it." Check out Jeezy's video above. WENN/Instagram TV The Brooklyn rapper trolls the Atlanta star for citing 'generation gap' as the reason behind his refusal to do a rap battle, calling it a 'fancy way' to run from the challenge. Oct 24, 2020 AceShowbiz - Busta Rhymes, 48, scoffed at T.I., 40, after the latter said Busta was too old to do a rap-off with him. "Busta's one of the most phenomenal talents of our time, man," T.I. recently said. "I salute and respect Busta a whole lot. I just think the generational gap might be a little too much." Busta was quick to respond on his Instagram. "It's okay to let people know that you backed down from this Verzuz offer. It's okay, Tip. You've 'respectfully declined.' I guess that's the fancy way to say that you turned down this Verzuz battle," the Brooklyn rapper said in his video. "You want to talk about generational gap? That's a very respectful way of not saying that you don't really want to sit in the smoking section with me and that you actually just turned down the opportunity to do this Verzuz battle with me. It's cool, Tip. You can say it, King of the South!" Busta added on his caption, "YOU OFFICIALLY RAN FROM THIS A** BEATIN' KING!! But I still love you my brother!!" As T.I. turned down Busta Rhymes' rap battle invite, he challenged 50 Cent and Young Jeezy. Fifty, 45, never responded while T.I.'s battle with Jeezy, 43, still hasn't materialized despite Jeezy saying yes to the challenge. "Put a date on it. I'm gonna beat you there," Jeezy previously said. Since its inception by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland earlier this year during lockdown, "Verzuz" has become a highly-anticipated online streaming show during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The episode that pitted Brandy against Monica was the most watched live stream webcast with over 1.2 Million views. Other past battles included T-Pain vs Lil Jon, Erykah Badu vs Jill Scott, Nelly vs Ludacris, Alicia Keys vs John Legend, DMX vs Snoop Dogg, and Gladys Knight vs Patti LaBelle. T.I. turned down Busta Rhymes' offer to participate in a hits battle on the second season of Verzuz, explaining that there is a generational gap between them. After his rejection, Tip was faced with more proposals, specifically from Jeezy, who may make a bit more sense, given the fact that they came up around the same time. Busta Rhymes was upset that Tip didn't bite at his bait but, at the end of the day, it's all love between the two. After taunting the King of the South on Instagram yesterday, they apparently met up to have a panel discussion, which Tip outlined in a new video. In the video, he also suggests new names that could be suitable for a Busta Rhymes Verzuz episode. "I spoke to Busta," said T.I. about his virtual discussion with the rapper. "I gave him LL [Cool J]'s number. I told him, that's the tree you want to bark up. You might want to get back in the generation of yours that you want to represent for. Busta is an incredible talent. An undeniable legend. Ain't no quarrels or ain't no criticism. There's no dispute here. Just as I know with great certainty that he belongs in the generation that he represents." He goes on to say that, because they didn't come up at the same time, it would not be a fair battle. "If you play a record that came out in '87, what I'm gone do? Play a record that came out in '93? What am I gone do," asked Tip. "I don't know, it just doesn't feel even keel. You know, Busta and LL... Busta and Twista... I think all of those are excellent match-ups. I know he wouldn't be avoiding them to come into the 2000 generation just to avoid a true match-up from someone in his generation." During his 20-minute video, Tip also spoke about the debate from last night, speaking about Trump's response to a question about racism. Do you think Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J/Twista would be a better match-up? © Viacom International Media Networks 2020 / All Rights Reserved. BET and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.