20 March 2020 14:50

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what's the kingdom called in tangled

DISNEY fans have noticed a spooky coincidence between the film Tangled and the coronavirus pandemic. In the 2010 animated movie, Rapunzel is kidnapped by a wicked enchantress named Gothel and forced to live out her days locked inside a tower. 4 In the 2010 movie Tangled, Rapunzel is locked away from the outside world in a tower Credit: Alamy 4 Fans have also noticed that she lives in the Kingdom of Corona Credit: Disney Many have drawn comparisons between Rapunzel's sheltered existence to the self-isolating and social distancing associated with coronavirus but here's the weird bit. The name of the kingdom where the story takes place is called Corona. The kingdom also shares the same name as the viral disease in the video game adaptation Kingdom Hearts.

Disney fans reckon Tangled predicted coronavirus in 2010 and it’s all to do with what the movie kingdom is called

The bizarre coincidence was spotted by a Facebook user, who shared a text conversation they had with a friend who pointed out that Rapunzel is "quarantined" in a town called Corona. 4 The coincidence was spotted by a Facebook user who shared it online Credit: Facebook The post has since received more than 800 shares with many admitting they had been left "mind blown" at the realisation. "I'm shook" one commented on the post with another writing, "So messed up lmfao." CORONAVIRUS CRISIS - BE IN THE KNOW Get the latest coronavirus news, facts and figures from around the world - plus essential advice for you and your family. To receive our Covid-19 newsletter in your inbox every tea time, sign up here. To follow us on Facebook, simply 'Like' our Coronavirus page. Most read in Fabulous TAKE STOCK Mum breaks down in tears as she slams stockpilers for buying all nappies in area MILKING IT Furious shoppers slam Asda after woman buys 20 tubs of baby formula in one go PILE UP Mum shows off bulging pantry after stockpiling for four YEARS SAFE SOAK? Can I take my children swimming during coronavirus lockdown? The latest advice SELF-LOVE Masturbating during Coronavirus lockdown will 'boost immune systems', docs say DONE AND DUSTED Woman posts long 'to do' list for home deep clean & people are impressed In other coronavirus news, this mum's £25 'shopping system' gets her everything during coronavirus outbreak. And this mum was horrified after she stockpiled 18 rolls of toilet paper only to have her kids chuck them all in the bath. Meanwhile, this mum transforms grotty cupboard under the stairs into enviable 'gaming cave' for her son – with just a lick of paint.

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what's the kingdom called in tangled


  •  20 Mar 2020