02 January 2020 18:39

Teresa may not like who Margaret really is, but it’s warranted.

teresa giudice

For the most part, The Real Housewives of New Jersey are all in a good place. The only real conflict right now is between Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub. The last thing this group needs is more wine glasses thrown or drinkings being spilled. Danielle and Margaret cannot outrun each other forever though. These two women will never like each other, and it is what it is.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This might be one of the most epic feuds in Real Housewives of New Jersey history. It's all supposed to go down in this episode too! Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga take their children to get ice cream, and it looks so good. Melissa asks her kids how they would feel about them having another baby. Joe gets up in arms after learning his daughter knows where babies come from. Joe didn't Eminem tell you that by the time they hit fourth grade they got the Discovery Channel? They want no part of a new Gorga baby coming into the house. Teresa Giudice is at Danielle's house, so drama is right around the corner. Danielle comes off severely unhinged. Danielle probably shouldn't be in this group of women. Teresa tells Danielle that her father had pneumonia and got taken by ambulance on Easter. He's the heart of that family, and when he passes away it'll be so sad. Teresa's inviting all of the girls to a shopping event. Marty Caffrey shows up and Teresa confronts him about lying to her on the phone. He denied sleeping with Danielle, but it clearly happened. Marty and Danielle both blame Margaret for the downfall of their marriage. Get a grip Teresa and recognize how Danielle is playing you. Later on, Teresa takes Gia prom dress shopping. I can't believe Gia is old enough to be going to prom. At the dress shop, Joe Giudice calls. Teresa and Joe immediately get into an argument. The topic turns to Teresa "spending all of Joe's money". Is Joe serious? Teresa is making all of the money right now. You've been in prison for like four years, so calm down. Joe wants her to cut him a break, but does he really deserve it? Joe is so nasty to Teresa on the phone. It comes out that he made Teresa sign a prenup before they got married. He also goes on to say that he didn't even want to get married. The most interesting revelation is that if Joe cheated during the marriage, the prenup is void. Looks like Teresa is likely going to make some BIG TIME coin. Live your best life girl. Jennifer Aydin is hosting Easter dinner for her ENTIRE family. That sounds so exhausting. Wow, I sound so lazy. I'd probably run away like a screaming banshee too. Her grandmother says she didn't know that her son was gay. LOL OKAY. It's crazy how reserved people can be still in 2020. Gabby bringing this up at Easter is a major moment for the family. This could be a real turning point in the direction of the family. Dolores Catania is so attentive to her parents, and it's really admirable. Margaret, Jackie Goldschneider, and Melissa meet up for dinner. Danielle plans on going to Teresa's event in a "very expensive" outfit. That's such a pretentious thing to say out loud to people. It's definitely so she can keep that damn house. It was hilarious hearing them speculate whether or not Teresa and Danielle have a romantic relationship. I personally, could never imagine Teresa with a woman. I'd imagine Danielle will be at the center of all of it. Danielle does look good. Dolores is the next to arrive after Danielle. She is nice to Danielle even though everyone knows she can't stand her. Dolores doesn't understand why Teresa is laughing at Danielle's jokes about Margaret. Teresa definitely knows how to hold a grudge. I love that Margaret gives no fu**s about Danielle. Teresa may not like who Margaret really is, but it's warranted. Danielle is not an innocent little puppy dog in all of this. Jennifer says Danielle "scares the f**k" out of her. It is everyone against Danielle, but you reap with you sow. Danielle says they're all mean girls and needs Teresa to make it stop. Teresa walks over and tells them all to stop. Dolores is GOLD for calling out Marty for playing everyone in this scenario. Margaret loses it and calls out all of the negative things Danielle said about Marty. Teresa. Sweet Teresa. Obviously, we are going to get a proper Teresa vs Margaret feud. Margaret and Danielle trade insults. Melissa points out that Teresa must be watching a different reality than everyone else. Besides Teresa's blind loyalty to Danielle, everyone is on board that Danielle's crazy. MARGARET POURED A BOTTLE OF WATER ON DANIELLE'S HEAD. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. No worries though because Danielle responded by dumping out Margaret's purse. LIKE WHAT? We all knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any less impactful. Danielle PULLED Margaret's ponytail. None of this is okay. Where does this group even go with Danielle from here? TELL US – ARE YOU TEAM MARGARET OR TEAM DANIELLE? SHOULD TERESA TRUST DANIELLE? ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS SEASON OF THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY?