22 October 2019 02:41

Terminator: Dark Fate Terminator: Dark Fate

WATCH: The stars of Terminator: Dark Fate teach us how to say "F*CK!" properly A free acting masterclass right here. You're welcome. When you're coming into a franchise like Terminator, the bar is set pretty high. Not only did Arnie instantly become iconic with his portrayal as the evil time-travelling robot assassin, he was then followed by Robert Patrick as the liquid metal T-1000, which was even scarier than Arnie was. On top of that, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor is still the benchmark for Strong Female Action Heroes and outside of Ellen Ripley in Aliens and Rita Vrataski in Edge Of Tomorrow, it is hard to think of anyone else who has come close.

So for Gabriel Luna and Mackenzie Davis to join Terminator: Dark Fate as the new evil robot assassin and new strong female action here respectively, that would be intimidating enough. The fact that they both have to do it in a movie with Arnie and Linda Hamilton, well... that is as high as bars get. JOE was lucky enough to sit down with Luna and Davis (and Arnie and Linda) in the run-up to the release of the movie and we chatted about everything from their intense first action sequence in the movie to how difficult it is to keep an emotionless, Terminator-y kind of face when you're being shot at. Davis' time in Ireland shooting her new horror movie The Turning also came up for discussion.

However, one of the things about Dark Fate is that it is the first Terminator since Rise Of The Machines that isn't rated 12A, thanks to the increased levels of violence and swearing, which is a whole subsection of why fans flock to the Terminator movies in the first place. We had to commend Davis, because throughout Dark Fate she drops some killer f-bombs and even Luna joined in saying that one in particular stood out for him. So we had to ask if she wouldn't mind giving us a quick actor masterclass in how to drop the perfect "F*CK!". She does not disappoint. Check out the interview in full right here: And since you're here, why not check out the official trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, which arrives in Irish cinemas on Wednesday 23 October.

Clip via Paramount Pictures Love film? Hit HERE to check out all the latest releases... Brought to you by MyOmniPass Terminator: Dark Fate is one of this year's most eagerly anticipated action blockbusters – and it seems the film's stars were certainly put through the wringer when it came to performing stunts and working on their fitness levels. In a chat with Digital Spy about the film, stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes and Gabriel Luna revealed that their required training was "really challenging and taxing", and it even left Davis – who plays human/machine hybrid Grace – jokingly questioning why director Tim Miller had even cast her in the project. "It was great – it was really challenging and taxing and invigorating and it felt like something... everyday I was like, 'Why did you cast me?'" she said. it was just so new to me, but that made it so exciting and cool and [Tim] believed in me." Related: Terminator: Dark Fate's opening "will shock the audiences", says Linda Hamilton The 32-year-old also went on to say that she and Miller had "a lot of discussions" about Grace's fighting technique throughout filming. "Tim always wanted me to be a little more effortless than I think I was in the movie, but I was like I think it's amazing she can do this in the first place," she said. "It should still be hard, or affect her. That she can do it at all is already incredible." "I liked that you had exertion and everything," Gabriel Luna – who plays the villainous Terminator Rev 9 in the film – added. "We have this great scene where she has the sledgehammer, I kept thinking this is a John Henry story. She's John Henry and I'm the steam drill and we're both going into the mountain. "She's using her strength and humanity to try to press forward." 20th Century Fox Meanwhile, Natalia Reyes added that, just like her character Dani, any training she did was more what she picked up along the way. "That was the journey of my character, it was getting together with these women, getting to know each other, getting stronger with them," she explained. "That was the journey we also did shooting. Dani is just a normal girl and she gets stronger, she's just learning from all this world and all these characters and that's actually what I was going through. So it was easy." Judging by the first batch of reviews for the sequel, the trio's hard work has, fortunately, paid off. Earlier today, critics hailed Terminator: Dark Fate as the best outing in the franchise since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Reviews also described the film as being both "thrilling" and "intense", while also praising Davis as well as returning actors Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terminator: Dark Fate has an October 23 release date in the UK. It's out in cinemas on November 1 in the US. Digital Spy is launching a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter accounts. Linda Hamilton has been open about the hardcore process she went through to get back in Sarah Connor set for Terminator: Dark Fate, which is a direct sequel to Terminator 2. She adopted an intense fitness and nutrition regimen, and even went on hormones for a while. This was all an attempt to be in killer shape as the Terminator hunter, but after getting super lean for the role, she was forced to rock a prosthetic buttocks during filming.