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Sign up to FREE daily email alerts from essexlive - Daily Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email The big Christmas shop is one of the most stressful days of the year for many families. The stores are busier than ever, the stock is low and people are stressed. It's so close to the big day that's there's probably a million-and-one things to sort out, on top of gift shopping. So it's no surprise that people lose their filter a little bit on the shop. Whilst reporting on the Christmas shopping chaos, we overheard a lot of shoppers say things that made us wonder what was going on in people's lives.

The 18 hilarious things we overheard when Christmas shopping at Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's

After all, families come together at Christmas and theres always a story to tell. Here are 18 things that we overheard whilst visiting three of Chelmsford's biggest supermarkets two days before Christmas. Sainsbury's 1. "So we've got all the herbs, coriander, parsley, everything? Are you sure? Definitely? 100 per cent?" 2. Regarding beer: "Are we going to get through all that?" "Don't be silly of course we will." 3. "Chips, Chips, Chips, Chips, Chips, *panicked* where are the chips???" Wife: "Have you got them?" Husband *angrily*: "No I've not bloody got them I've only been here for a few minutes" "I think they're in aisle 10, or if not 8. Maybe 7." 5. "Right stick together today everyone, we're a team today....stay close." 6. "You can't just give him one roast potato, its Christmas." 7. "She's Mary Poppins today." 8. "He didn't get me a Christmas card this year. I even got his Mum one." 9. On the phone: "What colour? What's even good I don't even know? I don't think he even knows my name why am I getting him something? Should I get him a bottle of beer instead?" Asda "What even is Advocaat?" "Well Grandad likes it a bit thicker than the rest of us." Dad: "Let us go! Let us go!" He was singing in the tune of the Christmas classic, Let it Snow. His daughter replied: "You're not funny dad." "It's gone mad. The world's gone absolutely mad." Tesco "CAMERON, OFF THE FLOOR!" "Look if you want it get it. But honestly I am so ready to just drop this and go home." (Said to a grown man not a child) Worker to customer: "It feels like all I've done for the past three days is restock Yorkshire Puddings." "No, no, we did that last year and he dropped it all over himself." "Just one bottle, no, one is enough, you know how she gets."