10 September 2020 22:32

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

BELLA Thorne's new move, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, has been called the goriest film on Netflix. The film released today on the streaming giant follows Cole two years after he defeated a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee. 13 Bella Thorne returns to the role of Allison in the Netflix film The Babysitter: Killer Queen Credit: © 2020 Netflix, Inc. Nobody believes Cole's side of events because Bee has gone missing and his friends and family think he has gone crazy. The comedy horror film which is a sequel to the 2017 film, The Babysitter has an 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans have gone wild for the film and described it as one of the goriest on Netflix. The horror is so intense, one Twitter user event went as far to warn others not to watch it if they were squeamish.

13 The movie is a sequel to the 2017 hit The Babysitter Credit: © 2020 Netflix, Inc. 13 Cole must conquer his demons after he found out his babysitter, Bee, led a satanic cult Credit: © 2020 Netflix, Inc. 13 The sequel has been described as one of goriest films on Netflix Credit: © 2020 Netflix, Inc. They wrote: "Don't watch the babysitter and the babysitter killer queen on netflix if you're triggered by gore and death. One Twitter user wrote: "So I just finished watching the babysitter killer queen and it was the most funny/scary movie I've seen on Netflix." While another added: "The babysitter: killer queen gave me so much serotonin and it's so much better than the first one everyone go watch it immediately." And a third said: "The Babysitter Killer Queen was very interesting. Very good sequel. 13 Credit: Twitter 13 Some fans even warned others not watch it if they were squeamish Credit: © 2020 Netflix, Inc. In the Netflix hit, Bella returns to the role of Allison, the ditsy friend who dreams of being beautiful forever. Bella recently had to apologise to OnlyFans sex workers after she claimed she earned a staggering $2million during her first WEEK on the site - prompting them to crack down on the rules.

The 22-year-old actress announced she'd joined the platform earlier this month with a sexy, bikini-filled video. 13 Actress Bella came under fire recently for her OnlyFans page Credit: Instagram Bella then launched her OnlyFans page last week, offering three nude pictures for $200 - and instantly became its most successful name bagging $1million in a day. The company swiftly put a price cap on pay per view snaps and changed the payment time period from seven to 30 days. Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Bella addressed the changes and said: "PT1 Remove the stigma behind sex, sex work, and the negativity that surrounds the word SEX itself by bringing a mainstream face to it that's what I was trying to do, to help bring more faces to the site to create more revenue for content creators on the site. "I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, and in trying to do this I hurt you.

13 She had to apologise to sex workers because OnlyFans' new rules make it harder for them to earn a living Credit: Refer to Caption "I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew behind anything sex related. "I wrote and directed a porn against the high brows of my peers and managers because I WANTED to help with the stigma behind sex." She continued: "I am a mainstream face and when you have a voice, a platform, you try to use you in helping others and advocate for something bigger than yourself. 13 She argued she has always been an advocated for sex work Credit: Instagram She went on to say: "Ps. I'm meeting with Only Fans about the new restrictions to find out why!!! This is f***ed up and I'm sorry comment any ideas or concerns you want brought up to OF!! OnlyFans is a subscription content service based in London that launched four years ago. Celebrities have been flocking to the site in recent months after seeing the opporunity to cash in on sexy snaps. 13 Celebrities are signing up to OnlyFans in droves as a supplementary way to make a living Credit: Refer to Caption So far, Bella has only posted some suggestive content, like bikini shots and ones of her eating a hot dog, and not any explicit photos, as some others on the site do. 13 Credit: Refer to Caption Fans are charged $20 per month for Bella Thorne subscription, with the Disney Channel alum getting 80 percent of their subscription revenue and tips from followers. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bella claimed she'd already earned $2million from her OnlyFans page, after less than a week on the platform. Twenty years ago, music video maestro McG vaulted to the directorial A-list with his feature debut "Charlie's Angels," a not-particularly-promising reboot concept that turned out a thorough delight. He then immediately began easing himself off that list with 2003's sequel "Full Throttle," the first in a string of big-screen disappointments. Apart from inspirational sports tale "We Are Marshall," arguably his best movie since then was Netflix's "The Babysitter" three years ago, a rock-solid horror comedy in which his temptation toward overstatement was reined in by Brian Duffield's clever script. This dud piñata dumps its contents of over-the-top gore and lowbrow humor onto Netflix worldwide Sept. Fans of the original will no doubt tune expecting more high-grade guilty-pleasure fun, only to get way too much of a no-longer-very-good thing instead. Creative laziness is evident right away, as a brief recap of the first film's events is followed by new scenes that replicate prior ones. No longer a bullied 12-year-old, having successfully survived discovering that his beloved babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving) was a Satanic blood cult leader, suburbanite Cole (Judah Lewis) is now a bullied high schooler — because no one believed his story, and thus they all assume he's "crazy." (There's zero explanation as to why the disappearance of Bee, her coven, and two police officers had no apparent fallout.) To escape that, he accepts remaining sole real friend-slash-crush object Melanie's (Emily Alyn Lind) invite to ride along as she and her inconvenient musclebound boyfriend (Maximilian Acevedo), plus sidekicks Diego (Juliocesar Chavez) and Boomboom (Jennifer Foster), attend an annual lakeside youth blowout. Upon arriving there, they board somebody's boat, wherein more events like those of the first film occur. A tough new girl at school, Phoebe (Jenny Ortega), turns up to provide Cole an ally and escape vehicle. Later locations include rocky desert terrain (evidently this is the Southwest) and the requisite horror-movie "cabin in the woods." Nemeses from "The Babysitter" turn out to be not-so-dead after all, though the screenplay (credited to four, including the director) uses them like recyclable cannon fodder, resurrected to be gorily offed again and again. There's a lot of beheading, and it is representative of the groan-inducing repartee here that Bella Thorne's returned cheerleader Allison explains her restored noggin with "Luckily, the Devil gives good head." "Killer Queen" is colorful and energetic, but exactly as with "Full Throttle," elements that seemed giddily outré yet fine-tuned the last time around are now just louder, cruder, more effortful and repetitious. There's far too much emphasis on uninspired comic riffing from subsidiary characters, notably Marino and Chris Wylde as dads who ride to the attempted rescue. Further excesses include over-dependence on soundtracking the most obvious classic pop hits; too many on-the-nose verbal references to prior movies; an overdose of jokey onscreen text graphics; and a badly misplaced faith that you can't possibly have enough cartoonish violence or sophomoric sexual humor. The any-dumb-idea-that-occurs-to-us-makes-final-cut approach can be liberating when at least some of your jokes land. When a bit does hit a note of pleasing goofiness (as in a brief retro-dance/sex scene montage), it's a rare pearl among general swinishness. The simultaneously self-conscious and tone-deaf sensibility at work here is such that at one point teen Phoebe accounts for various obnoxious behaviors by opining "What else do you expect from a collection of attention-seeking social media millenials with esteem issues?" — a 60-year-old's genius insight on Today's Youth, in a movie very much aimed at them young 'uns. Asked to act as if they're having the lark of their lives, the performers don't seem convinced. And no wonder — one can only be face-splatted by a blood fountain so many times before suspecting the gag might have worn out its welcome. The final taste of cilantro in this cynical cake comes with a late dash of sentimentality all the more bogus for being one time the filmmakers do not appear to be joking. The Babysitter was a Netflix hit upon its release in 2017, starring Samara Weaving as a babysitter hiding a dark secret. The film, directed by Charlie's Angels helmer McG, is a teen comedy horror in which 12-year-old Cole (Judah Lewis) discovers his babysitter Bee (Weaving) is part of a satanic cult. Now, Netflix have released the sequel to the film, plunging Cole back into danger. When is The Babysitter: Killer Queen released on Netflix? The Babysitter: Killer Queen premiered on Netflix on Thursday, September 10 and is now available to watch. The film takes place two years after the events of the original, with no one believing Cole about what happened on that traumatic night. When his neighbour and love interest Melanie invites him to a party at a nearby lakehouse, Cole once again finds himself facing up against old foes as the cult makes an unexpected return. American actor Judah Lewis returns in the lead role of Cole. American actress Emily Alyn Lind, who has a role in the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, plays Melanie. The Flash star Robbie Amell plays Max, while model and actress Bella Thorne plays Allison and Andrew Bachelor plays John. Pitch Perfect's Hana Mae Lee plays Sonya, while Samara Weaving returns as Bee.