09 October 2020 10:33

The black fly on Mike Pence’s head during the debate © ERIC BARADAT More from British Vogue:

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Kamala Harris was born ready for the first (and only) US vice-presidential debate of 2020. While it was more courteous than last week's presidential debate between president Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden, it certainly had its touch-and-go moments – but Harris was fully on her game. Taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, both Harris and current vice-president Mike Pence were separated by Perspex screens. Wearing a sleek black suit and her "power pearls", Harris made an unshakeable statement about the current Covid-19 pandemic. "The American people have witnessed the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country," she said.

“Mr Vice-President, I’m Speaking”: Kamala Harris Is Every Woman Trying To Be Heard

"This administration has forfeited their right to re-election based on this". Harris was on her game during the debate © ROBYN BECK While Harris delivered several memorable warnings during the debate, two moments took precedence. Along with the California senator's withering stares (and pursed lips) – not to mention the meaningful nods she made like she was listening to an incoherent toddler – her ability to make sure she was heard showed true leadership. Current vice-president Mike Pence (who had one bloodshot eye), unsuccessfully attempted to interrupt her several times. Last week, Trump interrupted Biden a total of 71 times which resulted in him eventually snapping: "Will you shut up, man?" But Harris held her composure, and with the lift of one hand, told Pence: "Mr vice-president, I'm speaking." A relatable line that women the world over have had to utter in and out of meeting rooms everywhere. While the pair debated several topics, including Covid-19, Trump's taxes, the Green Deal and healthcare, a small, black fly nestled itself in Pence's hair for a whole two minutes. Cue: several hilarious memes, its very own Twitter account and a Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter (which sold out in under two hours on JoeBiden.com). Two things will never be forgotten from this debate: Harris's iconic and relatable one-liner... and a fly. The black fly on Mike Pence's head during the debate © ERIC BARADAT More from British Vogue:

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