08 February 2020 20:45

The Calcutta Cup is awarded to the winner of a historical rugby match between England and Scotland.

The Calcutta Cup match has forged nearly 130 years of rivalry between England and Scotland. And whilst the disagreements are usually limited to the sport, political angst may overshadow the match. Scottish fans took to social media to organise their demonstration to turn the stadium into a "sea of stars". One said: "Scotland v England, Saturday 8th February. Six nations.

Brexit outrage: Scots plot anti-Brexit protest at Calcutta Cup match against England

"Wouldn't it be magic if we could fill Murrayfield with Saltires AND European flags:-)." Mary Reynolds agreed: "We can make that happen no bother at all." KA Gordon tweeted: "That's my intention, as long as newly purchased EU flag arrives on time!!!" Scotland fans Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU SNP politicians agreed, and urged Scottish fans to make their feelings known by waving EU flags throughout the game. MP for Edinburgh East, Tommy Sheppard, said: "I think it's a creative and colourful way to remind viewers that this country voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. "Only three of the Six Nations now remain in Europe. If that's the side Scotland fans want to pick, then that's fine with me." READ MORE: Scotland vs England TV channel: What channel is Six Nations match on? Fans say they plan to turn the stadium into a 'sea of stars' The teams will clash in the race for the Calcutta Cup The Calcutta Cup contest began in 1872 Lucas Forrest said: "Keep sport out of politics…two different podiums." Grant tweeted: "Personally no. As a retainer, sport is not the place for political messages. "You would definitely alienate some fans & probably some players as well." And Laurie MacKinnon said: "Not particularly. It's a rugby match between European countries, I don't want a political statement either way, just want to enjoy the match." Tensions will be high at the match, regardless of politics. The Calcutta Cup is awarded to the winner of a historical rugby match between England and Scotland. It originated in Calcutta on Christmas Day 1872, where a game of rugby was played between 40 players. The cup of Indian workmanship and is engraved with three king cobras which form the handles, and topped with an elephant. And English player, Lewis Ludlam, promised a "war" in the match. The match will have sporting and political tension Trending