18 November 2019 02:40

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Tobias Menzies on playing Prince Philip in The Crown: ‘He’s spent his life walking two steps behind his wife’

The Crown star Tobias Menzies has lent his support to Meghan Markle suggesting that a public attachment to 'an older idea of femininity' is behind her teething pains as a royal. Tobias Menzies has spoken out about preferring to lead a low-profile life despite landing a leading role as Prince Philip in series three of The Crown alongside Olivia Colman (pictured) The 45-year-old, from north London, who stars alongside Olivia Colman in the latest series of the Netflix drama, said that a traditional view of women royals being seen and not heard has led to some friction for the American former actress Menzies, who appeared in the Game of Thrones as Edmure Tully, also revealed he is currently living with on screen sister-in-law Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Princess Margaret in Netflix smash hit. The 45-year-old (pictured in his role as Prince Philip) described his childhood as being worlds away from the culture of that in the royal biopic after describing his upbringing as 'pretty alternative' Nonetheless, millions of fans rushed to get a glimpse of the new all-star cast of the Netflix drama as series three of The Crown was released in full on to the streaming site earlier today. The top spots were previously held by Claire Foy as the Queen, Matt Smith as Prince Philip and Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. Interestingly, Menzies described how his mother was actually relatively anti royal family which meant that he too paid very little attention to them before landing the role.

Menzies said that the shows producer Peter Morgan has always been dedicated to treating the royal family with dignity despite previously admitting to using artistic licence with the story lines. Filming for the fourth series of The Crown is already underway despite some viewers who tuned in to watch earlier today saying that they were struggling to adapt to the change of cast. Of all the brilliant characters that develop through the various series of The Crown (and they are characters, no matter how much some people want it to be a pure reflection of reality), Prince Philip is perhaps the most enigmatic. Portraying the 43-year-old consort – and taking up the baton from the brilliant Matt Smith – is Tobias Menzies. But, Menzies says, "The Queen and Philip have said very little publicly of what they think or believe – they do not offer huge amounts of opinionating.

'The Queen and Philip have said very little publicly of what they think or believe. In private, the Queen remarks, "I can't imagine what that would be like, having a prime minister one couldn't trust." Philip says, "If that man wins today, he'll want us out." It seems a little on the nose. Does Menzies think Philip feels strongly about contemporary politics? Much like the series two episode "Paterfamilias", which brilliantly paralleled a young Philip mourning the death of his older sister and nephews in Nazi Germany with Charles's torrid time at Gordonstoun, "Bubbikins" attempts to crack through the Duke's tough exterior and understand the dysfunctionality of his early life. Tobias Menzies, who now plays Prince Philip, has opened up about The Crown's gender pay gap scandal.

The actor revealed that he was paid less than Olivia Colman, who of course plays Queen Elizabeth in Seasons 3 and 4. The show's original queen, Claire Foy, famously made less money than Matt Smith on the first two seasons of The Crown. The new Prince Philip has arrived, and he's not afraid to talk about gender equality, especially when it comes to how much he's paid for his role in The Crown. Outlander's Tobias Menzies spoke to Harper's BAZAAR UK about the drama that previously faced the Netflix show when it was revealed that Claire Foy, who originally played the queen, made less than Matt Smith (Prince Philip). The wait has been interminable and so has our anticipation for the unveiling of the new queen of England and Duke of Edinburgh, Oscar winner Olivia Colman and Outlander star Tobias Menzies, respectively, on Netflix.

Show creator and writer Peter Morgan said in a recent behind-the-scenes look at The Crown that he had absolutely no question as to whether Colman and Menzies could replace Foy and Smith. Prince Philip, particularly, was a character fans loved to hate, and then felt empathy for at the end of the second season. Matt Smith: the self-confident, restless Prince Philip Matt Smith's portrayal of the prince begins at the start of the royal marriage from 1947 and ends in season two with the birth of Elizabeth and Philip's son, Edward, in 1964. In his role as the Duke of Edinburgh, Smith played a dissatisfied, restless prince who often questioned if he had made the right decision becoming part of this family. Tobias Menzies: the calmer, settled Prince Philip Menzies inherits a Prince Philip that is aware of his place and more settled in his role. Read more: 'The Crown': Was Queen Elizabeth II Close With Her Younger Sister, Princess Margaret?