21 October 2019 06:49

The Eagles are 3-4, and what happened Sunday night didn’t define their or their defense’s entire season.

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Throughout his career as a defensive coordinator, Schwartz has built a particular reputation: He doesn't tinker much. He counts on his front four to create disruption and pressure, and he wants his cornerbacks to cover with toughness and tenacity on the outside. He demands that his players fit themselves into his scheme. That approach helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl two seasons ago, but it's doing nothing to help them now. If there were ever a time for him to get creative, to brainstorm for a solution that he wouldn't otherwise consider, this would be it.

In Eagles loss to Cowboys, no excuses for Fletcher Cox, Jim Schwartz and the (lack of) defense | Mike Sielski

Move Douglas to safety. Try a new alignment to free up Cox. Truth be told, it might be too late for such ideas. The Eagles are 3-4, and what happened Sunday night didn't define their or their defense's entire season. But it defined enough of it.