16 December 2019 08:42

The Elf on the Shelf Christmas Day Elf

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"Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat …" Ye olden nursery rhymes. Yes, Christmas is fast upon us. Being a good Christmas elf, by the end of June on an annual basis, I have the Christmas shopping half-completed. Taking after the mothers of the Baby Boomer women, we all choose thoughtful, age appropriate and, hopefully, pleasing gifts for each individual. We buy presents especially for any grandchildren in the families as Christmas is for kids.

‘Why I’m so exhausted by the time Christmas arrives’

It is a real delight when you see the grandchildren all enjoy their gifts. Sometimes, this old Buddy, the good Elf, does wonder if we spoil them too much or whether we are buying them toys we wish we had at that age. But what the heck, they're only young once. Children grow up too quickly, particularly in their millennial digital age. I am regarded as Buddy, the good Christmas Elf. I even feel the need to purchase and wrap thoughtful, individual presents for fur friends. Women of Australia at this time of year order in huge amounts of festive foods, according to their traditional backgrounds. After the gifts are wrapped in decorative paper or foil, we hope we do not run out of gift tags. All the Christmas cards are written, received and reciprocated, details attended to by good Christmas elves.

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santa claus

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