06 November 2019 08:31

The End of the fun***in World 2 End of the fun**in World

jessica barden

The End of the F***ing World is the dark and murderous sleeper hit that has become a romantic phenomenon with Gen Z and millennial viewers. Annie Lord speaks to the man who created it James wants to slice Alyssa's throat with a serrated kitchen knife. Unless it would be more fun to stab her in the stomach and watch the blood dribble through the beige carpet? Or perhaps he should squeeze all the air out of her lungs using his belt? James thinks about ways to kill Alyssa constantly, it's how he entertains himself as the two friends hurtle across middle England in a stolen Mercedes.

End of the F***ing World creator Charles Forsman: ‘I hope kids see themselves in James and Alyssa’

It might not sound like a love story, but if you watch Channel 4's cult drama The End of the F***ing World you...

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