22 June 2020 18:34

The feature will also let you opt to hide specific app pages using a new settings shortcut.


Apple's WWDC 2020 developer conference is finally here and we're expecting all manner of news announcements to come from its opening keynote. Despite being a digital-only event this year, Apple's expected to lift the lid on everything from its latest iOS 14 operating system to fresh details about the new set of ARM based chips it's been reportedly working on. Here to help make sure you don't miss any of the latest and greatest Apple WWDC 2020 news, we'll be live blogging the event here. So bookmark this page and make sure to keep hammering the refresh button to get all the latest updates and Trusted Reviews expert insights on WWDC 2020's announcements. Or jump to one of our in-depth rumour pages for a more thorough breakdown of the pre-event industry rumblings.

CEO Tim Cook has taken the stage and is detailing how Apple plans to address racial inequality in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing fall out of the coronavirus pandemic. Cook has confirmed the keynote will have updates on iOS, iPadOS, TVOS, WatchOS and MacOS. iOS 14 Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi has taken the stage to introduce iOS 14. The OS will have a new App Library feature that auto sorts installed services into one currated homepage. This will reportedly stop users needing multiple app pages. The feature will also let you opt to hide specific app pages using a new settings shortcut. It'll also have a new search function that looks a lot like Android's. The App Library can be sorted by categories, user habits or install date. You can pick each widgets size and intelligently place them on your homescreen, again like Android. The widgets have a new Smartstack feature, that lets you layer multiple widgets on top of each other and then scroll through them. Picture to picture has been added to the home screen and has a similar drag and drop functionality to the new widgets. Punch to zoom has also been added to the picture to picture mode. This is similar to iPadOS' existing functionality. Apple's re-designing Siri's UI. Siri has also had a load of new features added, like the ability to send voice messages and audio dictation, so it will autotype what you say. Apple's unveiled Apple Translate. It reportedly lets you translate text and voice between 11 languages, these include English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin. The messages and memoji services have been overhauled. These include the ability to pin messages and increased memoji customisation options. These include facemask and more age options. Groups will now have in-line replies that let you focus on specific threads. Mentions will let you flag specific IMs to them. Users will be able to opt to only receive notifications when mentioned in group chats. Maps has been updated to include guides and recommendations for places to visit in your area. It will also add more eco-friendly travel guidance, like a dedicated cycling option that highlights the fastest and safest route on a bike. The service will also include key information, like if it will include up hill sections. EV routing will also help electric drivers by tracking their charge, and areas that will eat up more battery in planned routes. Congestion green zones will be added to Apple Maps and offer routes round them. Carplay will have increased wallpaper options on iOS 14 and car key replacement service. The feature will let you use iPhone's NFC connectivity as keys on compatible cars. The company confirmed it will initially only work on one BMW. The feature will have a share function for families. This lets owners share the keys with other iPhone owners. Owners will be able to set access levels, so some people will only be able to do things like open the passenger seat, while others will only be able to access the trunk. App Clips is a new iOS service that lets you quick access apps on the Store without installing them. They can be accessed and shared via messages, in special codes on promotional materials, on web pages or directly within the App Store. Apps with a Clip will be marked with a special visual code. iPadOS 14 iPadOS 14 will feature the same new widgets as iOS 14. Photos, Files and Notes have been updated and now has a new sidebar feature with shortcuts to all the app's main features and menus. Menus will also have MacOS style drop down menus for shortcuts and functions. Incoming calls notifications have been downsized to only appear as a small in screen pop out. Search has been similarly downsized and can now be accessed in app, where it will appear as a small bar. Apple Pencil has been updated. Scribble has been added so any handwritten notes will be converted to text on iPad. You will also be able to select, edit and highlight hand written notes on iPad using the Scribble service. The service will auto detect things like hand written numbers and addresses, like typed text. AirPods Autoswitch has been added to AirPods. This they will now switch their audio source depending on the last app you used, on each paired device. AirPods Pro will be updated to have "Spatial Audio" virtual surround sound when watching movies. WatchOS 7 Watch OS will feature more Watch Face customisation options and advanced tools that will help developers add more data to their apps. Face Sharing will also make it easier for companies and users to share watch faces to friends and family. Maps will have the same improved eco-cycle route mapping upgrades as iOS 14. Fitness tracking: WatchOS 7 will now track dancing as a workout and more guided workouts, like Fitbit Premium. A new summary tab will offer "improved" post workout stats. The app has been renamed Fitness. Sleep: The new version will feature a new "wind down" function. This will offer alerts on the lockscreen and intelligently turn on the Watch's do not disturb setting. It will then let you set up an automatic wake up sequence. The health app will have an updated sleep screen with more advanced and detailed information on how you slept. Hand washing: WatchOS 7 will now intelligently detect and track when you are washing your hands. It will offer feedback on how well you washed your hands. Apple has added increased control over which apps can access your location, camera and microphone on its devices. All apps will be forced to have you opt in to tracking across devices. Apps will be forced to show what information they share with Apple. The information will appear on product pages in all of Apple's app stores.

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