12 October 2020 22:31

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'The Haunting of Bly Manor': Kate Siegel Breaks Down Viola's Tale in Episode 8

The Haunting of Bly Manor star Kate Siegel made her ghostly debut in episode eight and now she's walking ET through her journey as the most captivating, yet horrifying character of the season. Two years after the massive success of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, creator and executive producer Mike Flanagan--also known as Siegel's real-life husband! And now that star Victoria Pedretti has already opened up about Bly Manor's bittersweet finale, it's time to break down episode eight. From that confusing body-snatching rule, to the Lady in the Lake's haunting transformation and season 3 secrets, we've got everything you need to know. ET: The Haunting of Hill House was such a smash success and now we are two years later with The Haunting of Bly Manor, which has a lot of familiar faces but a very different storyline.

I had just had a baby after Hill House and I didn't know I was gonna be in Bly. Like I said, we've been waiting and I didn't know, and so one day Mike invited me into the writers' room and I sat down and Leah [Fong] pitched the entire story of episode eight. We think that people are going to fall so head over heels for Dani and Jamie's relationship--their love story is so gorgeous. We love the fact that you are married to the brilliant Mike Flanagan, the executive producer on Hill House and Bly Manor, so we're curious to know: Do you get spoilers during your pillow talk? 'The Haunting of Bly Manor': Kate Siegel Breaks Down Episode 8 and the Lady in the Lake's Powers This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. 'The Haunting of Bly Manor' Finale: Victoria Pedretti on Dani's Love Story, Season 3 and More (Exclusive) Another one, titled "The Romance of Certain Old Clothes," is the source for both the title and story of episode 8 of Bly Manor, which stands apart from the rest in several ways.

Filmed in black-and-white and set centuries before the rest of the season's episodes, "The Romance of Certain Old Clothes" is essentially an origin story for how Bly Manor first came to be haunted by vengeful ghosts. It stars Hill House alums Kate Siegel and Katie Parker as Viola and Perdita, two rich sisters who end up competing for the love of the same man and killing each other, eventually becoming two of the house's first specters: The Lady in the Lake and the faceless spirit crawling around the attic, respectively. Siegel starred in Hush, Flanagan's 2016 Netflix horror film about a deaf woman being stalked by a killer in her home, and had a major role in The Haunting of Hill House as Theo Crain. Her role in Bly Manor is more limited but very impactful, so EW caught up with Siegel to discuss filming in black-and-white and the particular resonance of haunted-house stories in a year that so many of us have spent cooped up indoors. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It sounds like when The Haunting of Bly Manor was first starting, Mike knew he wanted to bring you and other Hill House actors back, but wasn't always sure what roles you all would fill.

KATE SIEGEL: Mike always knew the second season needed a big standalone episode like season 1's "Two Storms," something that shook people out of the narrative and revealed things. Victoria [Pedretti] is a tour de force, and having gotten to know her during Hill House and then not getting to spend time with her during Bly Manor was a real heartbreaker. In some ways that has been the challenge of quarantine: To stay connected to our loved ones and the world, and not have our faces and personalities melt away like the Bly Manor ghosts. And the reason for such a drastic difference between this hour, the penultimate of the season, and those that came before it is because here is where we finally go back in time to learn the story of how Bly Manor became haunted in the first place. It's a tale of two sisters, Viola (played by Kate Siegel) and Perdita (Katie Parker), and how their intense love for one another killed them both and turned Viola into the Lady in the Lake who haunts Bly Manor.

And it takes you away from everybody you love," Siegel told TheWrap of the episode, titled "The Romance of Certain Old Clothes." "But in that moment, it puts in me, who plays Theo [in 'The Haunting of Hill House], who everyone is waiting to see, and it draws you in immediately. Siegel had no idea who she was playing in "Bly Manor" for quite a while, until the day series creator creator Mike Flanagan (who also happens to be Siegel's husband) and the episode's writer, Leah Fong, finally told her the story of Viola and Perdita, and how Viola married a distant relative named Arthur (Martin McCreadie) to keep Bly Manor in the family and had a baby, Isabelle, with him. Siegel played Viola, but the faceless version of Viola, the Lady in the Lake that viewers come to know much earlier in the season for killing Peter (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and many others, was played by Daniela Dib. Siegel says Dib is the one who carried little Flora (Amelie Bea Smith) into the lake in the finale, thinking she was her daughter. And so I think by Dani invoking that phrase, it is such a profoundly true moment that it's maybe the last thing Viola could hold onto," Siegel added. At the end of "The Haunting of Bly Manor," we find out the Gugino's character, responsible for telling the story of Bly to some eager listeners at a rehearsal dinner, is an older version of Jamie, the groundskeeper Dani fell in love with.

Also Read: 'Haunting of Bly Manor' Star Victoria Pedretti on Why Dani Makes That Big Sacrifice - and That BIGGER Sacrifice The Haunting of Bly Manor — an atmospheric, 1980s-set gothic romance, brimming with ghosts of all kinds — dropped on Netflix last week, to the delight of horror fans everywhere. In Episode 8, "The Romance of Certain Old Clothes," viewers learn the origins of Bly's ghosts (particularly the elusive Lady in the Lake) in a black and white fairytale-like flashback that tells the story of the Willoughby sisters who lived in the house long before it became the Wingraves' summer house. These other ghosts were all created by Viola's spirit, which haunts Bly as the Lady in the Lake, as she carves a pathway through the house to her bed, seeking out her long-gone child, and taking down anyone in her path. Below, Siegel, who also played psychic middle child Theo in the anthology's first installment, The Haunting of Hill House, explains her thoughts on Viola's "love story," and the inspirations behind the feminist tale. Who plays Viola in The Haunting of Bly Manor? The Haunting of Bly Manor featured Viola The Haunting of Bly Manor starred Kate Siegel as Viola The Haunting of Bly Manor starred Kate Siegel The Haunting of Bly Manor saw Viola play the villain