21 November 2020 08:50

The Ladies managed to collect two, whilst the Lords secured three gold stars.

prince edward, earl of wessex

© Bang Showbiz Sir Mo Farah The camp was divided during the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' live trial on Friday (20.11.20). The men - the Lords - were separated from the women - the Ladies - to take on The Royal Tournament, which saw the celebrities go head to head in a battle of the sexes to win a luxurious royal banquet. The first trial was called Terror Troughs and saw Shane and Jordan take on Hollie and Ruthie as they dived headfirst into troughs filled with slime and offal to collect as many gold coins as possible. The Ladies managed to collect two, whilst the Lords secured three gold stars.

It was then to Critter Cages, which saw Vernon take on Victoria. The duo were trapped in boxes with cockroaches, crickets and maggots as they undid as many stars as possible. Vernon managed to secure 11 gold coins for the men whilst Victoria managed six out of the 12 gold coins on offer. The next trial saw AJ take on Jessica in Savage Stocks. The celebrities had to put their heads in boxes with five rats and five naked rats whilst they collected gold coins into boxes placed below the stocks. Both of them secured eight out of eight stars on offer. The final of the four trials was Scare Chairs, which Mo, Russell, Beverley and Giovanna took part in. They had to twist stars off of metal poles with locusts and giant millipedes around their hands. And it was made even worse by the celebrities having snakes placed around their neck. The Ladies secured only one less star than the Lords, eight compared to the men's nine. It meant that the Lords won the royal banquet with a total of 31 stars compared to the Ladies' 24. As punishment, the Ladies will eat rice and beans and will be taking part in the next trial, Barbaric. Meanwhile, Sir Mo Farah took on the Fort Locks trial, winning a total of nine stars for camp. 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here' continues on ITV on Saturday (21.11.20).