15 May 2020 04:37

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Watch 18 minutes of new Ghost of Tsushima gameplay footage

The Ghost of Tsushima State of Play has just wrapped up and in it, Sucker Punch showed various elements of the gameplay. This included how players would navigate and explore the island, the combat styles available, the customisation options, photo mode, and how players can choose to experience Ghost of Tsushima. The whole show lasted about 20 minutes in total and it was all game footage showing off what players can expect to experience in July. When it comes to navigating Tsushima there are a number of ways the island helps Jin and the player. Aside from the wind animals like foxes will guide Jin to hidden areas and shrines, while smokestacks on the horizon indicate someone who needs help.

In combat, players can either go in as a Samurai with sword and bow unsheathed, or play as the stealthy Ghost. As a Ghost Jin can use fear and equipment like smoke bombs to evade or hide attacks. In terms of customisation the armour Jin wears can be changed from proper Samurai armour to lighter clothing for a stealth build. Ghost of Tsushima will have a photo mode in which players can change the standard settings such as depth of field. However, Sucker Punch has gone further allowing for players to choose which kind of particles are in the air be they leaves or bugs.

Players will also be able to change the wind speed and direction to impact how Jin's clothing looks and the way trees and grass blows, as well as change Jin's facial expression. In the game itself player can choose a film grain filter which gives Ghost of Tsushima the look of older Samurai films. Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 19th for PS4. Sucker Punch Productions has released a new 18-minute gameplay trailer for its upcoming open-world samurai game Ghost of Tsushima, showcasing exploration, combat, and customization elements of the game. The new trailer marks the first real footage of Ghost of Tsushima that Sucker Punch has shown since E3 2018 when the studio first showcased the game's mix of swordplay and stealth.

Since then, Sucker Punch has also released a story trailer introducing players to the main protagonist, Jin Sakai. The footage shows off aspects of exploration of the island of Tsushima, where players will be able to summon a ghost and freely travel around the world. A gameplay element lets players summon a gust a wind to direct them toward their goal as an unobtrusive guide. Players can also be guided toward secrets in the open world by animals — like foxes or birds — leading them to hidden shrines or collectibles. The open-world also looks gorgeous, with bamboo forests, open plains, tall mountains, and fields of swirling flower petals for players to explore.

The trailer also better introduces players to Jin, the samurai hero they'll be playing as in Ghost of Tsushima. To add to the cinematic aspect of the game, players will be able to play the entirety of Ghost of Tsushima with a fully subtitled Japanese voice track, along with an optional black-and-white film grain filter designed to make it feel more like a classic samurai film. Ghost of Tsushima will be out for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Ahead of its 17th July launch on PS4, Sony has offered a closer look at developer Sucker Punch's open-world samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima, and, as if there was any doubt left after previous showings, it's looking utterly breathtaking. At its heart, Ghost of Tsushima appears to be a fairly traditional open-world adventure, enabling players to explore the titular island, engaging with enemies along the way.

There are two paths to the action - the samurai path, which sees protagonist Jin entering direct confrontations with opponents, and the ghost path, which offers a more stealthy approach to challenges. As for stealth, it's your usual game of sneakery and distraction, with players able to toss firecrackers, ring bells, or drop smoke bombs to get the slip on opponents, grappling to higher ground if need be. And besides, I'd wager most people won't be signing up specifically for Ghost of Tsushima's action, but rather to get thoroughly lost in its staggeringly beautiful world, which we were offered another tour of today. Indeed, Ghost of Tsushima is gorgeous, packed with endlessly arresting vistas that forever dance and sway in the wind - all shimmering blades of grass, swirling leaves, drifting fog, and flexing boughs; there are fields of rich deep greens pocked with starkly coloured flowers, mountain top shrines bathed in yellow blossoms, mist shrouded lakes, moonlight hued settlements, and more, and it's never less than stunning. Better yet, Sucker Punch is doing its damnedest not to distract from that beauty, by incorporating navigation mechanics integrated naturally with the world; Sony's latest livestream showcased the Guiding Wind, for instance, a more immersive take on your usual objective marker, with its directional gusts pointing players toward their next chosen destination. And for those that thrill in off-the-beaten-path exploration, subtle visual cues - whether they be smoke stacks, unusually shaped trees, or wild animals - are used to tease players to points of interest. Elsewhere, Sucker Punch gave a brief look at Charms - used to increase the potential of different abilities - and at armour sets, each offering different mechanical advantages and customisable using dye flowers. There's also a Photo Mode - featuring familiar options such as colour grading and depth of field, as well as more exotic additions, including the ability to adjust wind direction and particle effects, adding drifting fireflies or dancing leaves at will. Rounding off today's closer look at Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch confirmed a Japanese voice track will be available for added authenticity, and that those really wishing to lean into the game's samurai movie aesthetic can opt for Samurai Cinema mode, which increases the wind, adds a stark black-and-white filter, and amplifies film grain. A Thursday video from PlayStation finally cleared up some mysteries about Ghost of Tsushima, the newest PlayStation 4-exclusive game from Sucker Punch launching on July 17. What had previously been revealed as a handsome, vague samurai epic now looks like an honest-to-goodness video game, for better and for worse. Like many recent PlayStation exclusives, Ghost of Tsushima cribs liberally from the open-world gaming playbook of the past decade. Tsushima's differentiation begins with the question it poses to players: will you play as a "samurai," or as a "ghost"? The game's developers at Sucker Punch have added at least one welcome update to the game's minute-by-minute gameplay: "Guiding Wind." This visual system activates once you've toggled a mission or objective in a map interface, at which point the game world will begin generating visible wind gusts and particles to guide players toward their next major destination, instead of an ill-fitting arrow or mini-map. However you slice it, it's the neatest way to guide players in an open world we've seen in years, and it's nice to have an organic way to avoid pausing the game and checking a map. Beyond that, the reveal otherwise looks like a polished-if-familiar twist on years of open-world adventures. At least this comes with the usual Sony first-party touch: massive view distances, gorgeous plant animations (complete with colorful trees, petals, and grass swaying in the wind), and a range of handsomely rendered forests, shrines, towns, campgrounds, and more for your hero to explore on horseback or on foot. "Samurai cinema" isn't just a grayscale filter with a film-grain effect; it also includes a total rebalancing of light levels, particularly for the game's nighttime sequences. We're now officially tempted to play the entire game in this mode when it launches on PlayStation 4 consoles on July 17. Ahead of his year's PS5 launch, Sony managed to pique the fans' interest with two games, in particular, The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. Sony uses its video program, State of Play, to make announcements, reveals, give updates to its community. Sony promised to show us some new gameplay footage of both exploration and combat. The photo mode is rather expansive too, which is a delight given how visually pleasing the game looks. While the trailers and gameplay from last year had already managed to excite us all, today's display just cemented our belief that Ghost of Tsushima will be an absolute treat. Also Read– Sony PlayStation 5: Everything Revealed on the Next-Gen Console to Date Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17 exclusively on PlayStation 4.