05 November 2020 20:39

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Writer Alan Moore never shied away from including real-world politics and historical events into his works, with his V for Vendetta, illustrated by David Lloyd, drawing direct influence from Guy Fawkes' attempts to blow up the House of Lords on November 5, 1605. The United Kingdom would go on to celebrate "Guy Fawkes Night" every November 5th to celebrate King James I surviving the assassination attempt, with communities lighting massive bonfires to resemble the flames that would have been caused by the explosion. Now that November 5th has rolled around, V for Vendetta has become a popular trend on social media. The comic book explores a dystopia in which a fascist regime has taken over the United Kingdom, with the masked "V" making attempts to topple the government. Sporting a Guy Fawkes mask, V orchestrates a sprawling and theatrical campaign to inspire people to rise up against their government, specifically the young woman Evey, as he often tells her, "Remember, remember, the fifth of November," highlighting a previous attempt to overthrow the government.

V for Vendetta Is Trending on the Fifth of November

The story was adapted into a film in 2006, which came out on 4K Blu-ray this week. Scroll down to see what fans are saying about V for Vendetta on the famous date.