14 February 2020 00:42

The new series is due to start on Channel 4 this evening at 9pm with episodes airing weekly.

Hunted is back and a whole load of new contestants are about to try and go off-the-grid for up to four weeks. The latest batch of 'fugitives' will attempt to go on the run in a bid to win a cash prize. But they need to get past some of the best military and intelligence operatives there is as they attempt to track them down and capture them - stopping them from potentially winning a slice of the £100,000 prize. The award-winning programme returns to screens on Thursday (February 13) at 9pm on Channel 4 and has left us wondering about the rules and has anyone ever managed to beat the experts? Previously, contestants were allowed to carry anything they can with them and were given access to a bank account that contained £250.

But this time round it's set to be a lot harder as the fugitives will be stripped of all their belongings and given no money. All they have to rely on is their networks and the kindness of strangers. In the opening show, the new recruits will need to identify the unknown city they are in and plan their escape from the helicopter circling above trying to detect them. And if they want to be in with a shot of walking away with a share of the prize, they'll need to remain hidden until day 25. If they make it to this point, they'll have to find their way to an "extraction point" where they'll get their hands on the cash.

Since the show launches five years ago, a total of 10 people have managed to see their way past the operatives. But will anyone be able to do it this time round? Hunted airs on Thursday's at 9pm on Channel 4. Fans of last year's Hunted will be pleased to know it is back for another series on Channel 4. The show, which also has a celebrity version, sees contestants make their way across the country to a safe zone. Their task as fugitives is to avoid being captured by professionals. When does Hunted 2020 start? For those who love the show they will be pleased to know it returns tonight (Thursday, February 13). The new series is due to start on Channel 4 this evening at 9pm with episodes airing weekly. The episodes will then be available to watch on All 4 after they have aired. The series will be contestants competing for the £100,000 cash prize. READ MORE: Vera 2020 cast: Who is in the cast of Vera?