25 July 2020 22:32

The pictures were captured by NASA’s three most successful Mars rovers: Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity.

4k resolution

For the first time, the landscape of Mars has been captured in stunning 4K resolution. That is the highest quality that has ever been recorded. And the results are simply breathtaking. Watch the incredible video above. The surface of Mars looking very familiar.

mars 4k images show surface of the red planet in space as you've never seen it before

The pictures were captured by NASA's three most successful Mars rovers: Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. The cameras onboard each of the rovers were the height of technology when they were launched. A rover's tracks show just how red the Red Planet is. The stunning video above was made by British YouTubers 'ElderFox Documentaries'. The group stitched thousands of pictures together, converting them into ultra-high-definition of the Red Planet. Red Planet in a blue light. The 10-minute video is described by the team as "the most lifelike experience of being on M<\Ars". And it's hard to disagree. Chevron Right Icon More from 7NEWS.com.au If you're wondering why we don't see live video from Mars, there's a simple explanation. A stunning 4K image of Mars. Credit: NASA/ElderFox Documentaries Curiosity can - generally speaking - only send data it captures on Mars back to earth at a rate of 32 kbps, which is nowhere near fast enough for video. It's basically super slow dial-up speed. But thanks to these amateur space fans, we don't need to worry, these images top them all.

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