15 May 2020 16:40

The Pretty Things Phil May

phil may

The singer's representatives confirmed the tragic news in a statement (Picture: Redferns via Getty Images) The Pretty Things singer Phil May has died after a bike fall at the age of 75, it has been confirmed. The star suffered a bike fall and had undergone emergency surgery this week in which complications had 'set in', his representatives confirmed in a statement. 'It is with very deep sadness that the management of the Pretty Things has to announce the death of the band's lead singer, Phil May,' they said. 'Phil May passed away at 7.05am on Friday 15 May at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. 'He had been locked down in Norfolk with his family and, during the week Phil had suffered a fall from his bike and had undergone emergency hip surgery, after which complications set in.' The statement continued: 'Phil had been in poor health for some time when the Pretty Things played their last live concert, The Final Bow, on 13 December 2018 at the Indigo, O2 where they were joined onstage by old friends David Gilmour and Van Morrison.' Phil was the lead singer of The Pretty Things (Picture: Frank Hoensch/Redferns via Getty Images) The Pretty Things rose to fame in 1963 (Picture: Kevin Nixon/Classic Rock Magazine/REX) Tributes have also poured in online from fans who have sent their well-wishes to the singer's family.

The Pretty Things singer Phil May dies after bike fall aged 75

Just heard Phil May of The Pretty Things has passed away. Another character we met on our travels way back in 2011 when we shared a bill at the Rhythm Festival. Underrated in the pages of Rock history The Pretty Things I reckon….. pic.twitter.com/TaEHpfFdSL — Neil Sheasby (@NeilSheasby) May 15, 2020 One fan tweeted: 'An incredible band with an untouchable legacy, who, over fifty years in, are still so welcoming and warm to those joining their musical family. Rest easy Phil, and thank you.' R I P Phil May of the Pretty Things, a smashing bloke & a musician who ever got the recognition he deserved. He even forgave Lynn when she told him ‘I was watching Top of the Pops when they announced The Pretty Things, that sounds sounds interesting I thought & then you came on’! pic.twitter.com/rqTWejpI6j — Andrew Rodgers (@LippiLippi) May 15, 2020 Another said: 'Sad to be reading that long-time Pretty Things singer Phil May has passed.' RIP Phil May. Pretty Things. Many memories x — Tony Gourvish (@toeknee231) May 15, 2020 Loved the Pretty Things, RIP Phil May 💔 — Jo Woolley (@MrJoeWoolley) May 15, 2020 One added: 'RIP Phil May. Pretty Things. Another one gone. Many memories x'


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The US Supreme Court has ordered the State of Illinois to pay up or face the wrath of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The Seventh Circuit ruled against Illinois in February, March and April, and Illinois appealed this week
Douglas Jones May 15 2020 16:59
I think that it is a good sauce that's great in a lot of places I'm not really a fan of it I think that there are some people who like it but don't like spicy sauces you can see why I'm not a fan of it What's your favorite sauce and why? I really like it in a lot of places I love the sauce in hot sauce if I have been in a place like Brooklyn I would get it I would say the
Dr. Ricky O'Sullivan May 15 2020 17:03
Do you think that comparing korea to the US in terms of intelligence is fair and is it true? Do you think that comparing korea to the US in terms of intelligence is fair and is it true? I like the US, but I think the US has a lot of problems. I think korea has a lot of problems
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Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Email Print More Tumblr WhatsApp Pocket LinkedIn Reddit Like this: Like Loading... U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, who was appointed by President Obama in 2013, has been under fire for the way he has handled the investigation into the schemes of prominent Wall Street executives
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[20:38:42]SAY: Geoffrey Donkor/SensualSam : Classic [20:38:42]SAY: Ghost/JarekTheRaptor : I know [20:38:42]SAY: Ghost/JarekTheRaptor : I just [20:38:43]SAY: Ghost/JarekTheRaptor : [20:38:44]SAY
Lynne Sykes May 15 2020 17:19
[poll id="5″] The Red Sox are getting better. Right, really, and not just in the baseball sense of the word. The Red Sox are getting better in other categories as well. They're better in the way they play the game, better in the way they approach the game, and better in the way they approach life
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About This project was originally a brainstorm for a thesis, but I've decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a three-minute animated short film entitled "The Music of The Beatles", which will be presented in high definition to the world
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Do you like the look of the mayo? Would you like to see more of this? DETROIT - Michigan's Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to speak to workers in Detroit on Sunday, March 13. Clinton will be joined by a number of national politicians, including Senator Bernie Sanders and President Barack Obama. The event is scheduled to start at 1 p.m
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Story highlights "We're not going to be intimidated by the bully," Obama said The president pledged the swiftest possible response Washington (CNN) President Barack Obama vowed Friday to protect the Bill of Rights and to defend the rights of transgender Americans, just hours after the Department of Justice announced a new guidance to schools on how to handle transgender students. "We're not going to be intimidated by the bully," Obama said at a fundraiser in New York
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I think it's always good to have a little bit of sympathy for people who have done awful things,
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Courtesy of the artist When you think of a musician, you probably picture a guitar prodigy on a stage, singing off-key. But that's not the true musician. It's the artist who plays the guitar with no apparent effort. There's no need to strain, no need to think about it. He plays without even a thought of what he's doing, and for that you owe him a debt
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Source: Daily Mail Twitter Reddit The Associated Press LOS ANGELES -- There's a new face on the Los Angeles Dodgers in the wake of Rich Hill's departure from the team. Over the weekend, the Dodgers announced that reliever John Axford will join the team as a free agent
Joe Jones-Walker May 15 2020 17:53
The U.S. military is preparing to deploy a first wave of marines to the Philippines, where a U.S. military official said an amphibious assault unit will land later this month. "We are sending the first Marine contingent to the Philippines to begin training early in the year," Capt. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters at a media briefing. Warren said "it will be a contingent of approximately 30 to 40 Marines
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If you haven't already, make sure you get the book, "The Phil's Guide To Going Out: A Guide to Eating, Living, and Liking: The Complete Guide To Psychonautics" by Jim Davidson. It's a great read. I'm an affiliate for Blue Bottle Coffee and Amazon. Follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook
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Photo Source: I'm just a guy, I don't really know much about it. I love the idea of it, but I'm not sure how much I'd like it. I think that, in the long run, it just might be too much. I think that the people who don't like it are likely to be really unhappy with it
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The Blue Jays are officially on the market for a starting pitcher, according to reports on Thursday. The Toronto Sun's Jeff Blair and TSN's Bob McKenzie report that the Blue Jays' front office has reached out to several potential suitors. The Blue Jays currently have Ricky Romero and Aaron Sanchez on the 40-man roster
Danny Day May 15 2020 18:13
The Islamic State has been accused of killing thousands of Christians in Iraq's northern Nineveh province, and the Iraqi government has condemned the violence. However, the Christian population in the area has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the Assyrian Christian Association of Iraq said there had been up to 47,000 Christians in the Nineveh area by the end of 2014
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Plaintiffs' attorney: 'I've never seen anything like this' A judge has rejected a request to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the University of San Diego of violating the First Amendment by restricting the free expression of some of its students. Judge Michael Walker cited the First Amendment in dismissing the lawsuit filed by three students who say they were prevented from expressing their political views on the UCSD campus
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The Green Room is a small, informal poolside bar in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
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Gavin: I think it's an interesting observation, because he's talking about the need for moderation and moderation is a good thing. Right now, you have a situation where there's a lot of noise out there. We need to make sure that we're moderating it well and are developing a nuanced understanding of who is part of our community, what our values are and what our values are not
Marian Williams May 15 2020 18:33
RotoWire News: Stroman allowed three runs on four hits and two walks while striking out three in 1.1 innings of work Tuesday. (8/30/2018) Stroman allowed three runs on four hits and two walks while striking out three in 1.1 innings of work Tuesday. (8/30/2018) The New York Jets are in such a hole that they need to start taking some chances
Clive Patel May 15 2020 18:39
As a huge IKEA fan, I've always wanted to see what the people who make the furniture think. If you're famous, or famous enough to not be famous anymore, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the joke. Creator of this poll has opted for captcha verification. To vote on this option please fill in the captcha