08 October 2020 08:39

The Razer logo on the matte black credit card turns green during contactless payment.

Razer is Launching a Visa Pre-Paid Card For Youth—Featuring a Logo that Lights Up

Razer Fintech has partnered with Visa to launch the prepaid Razer Card, which literally lights up when you pay. This week, the local tech giant took a big step forward with the launch of the Razer Card, a prepaid Visa solution that awards cashback on daily purchases. The Razer Card is a prepaid Visa that allows users to spend their RazerPay wallet balance at more than 61 million merchants worldwide. There are three versions of the Razer Card: Virtual, Standard, and Premium. The Virtual version can only be used for online transactions, while the Standard and Premium are physical cards that can be used at brick and mortar stores.

You must verify your Razer Pay account before a physical card can be requested. Regardless of which Razer Card you hold, the cashback rates and benefits are the same. The main difference is the Premium card has a built-in LED logo that lights up when the card is used, for that extra wow factor. A standard card is issued by default when a physical card is requested; to qualify for a Premium card, you'll need to complete a certain series of tasks (see rewards section below). 10% cashback on RazerStore (hardware) and Razer Gold purchases (in-game transactions).

No minimum spend is required, and there's no cap on the maximum cashback you can earn. There are a swarth of cashback credit cards on the market which will earn you at least 1.5% cashback, also with no minimum spend or cashback caps: Moreover, is it fair to compare the Razer Card to credit cards? Remember that the Razer Card is a prepaid Visa, which means there's no minimum income requirement (credit cards require applicants to earn at least $30,000 per year). In that sense, it may be better to compare the Razer Card to cards with no minimum income requirement, such as: CIMB AWSM Card: 1% cashback on dining, entertainment, online shopping and telco bills The Razer Card is clearly better than the CIMB AWSM, given that the latter limits your 1% cashback to a specified set of transactions. In addition to the base cashback, Razer Card users can earn additional rewards during the beta phase.

Singapore tech firm Razer Inc may be best known for its gaming products—from peripherals like keyboards, mice and headphones, to gaming desktops and laptops—but CEO and co-founder Tan Min-Liang prefers to describe it as a youth lifestyle company. The company has diversified to include financial solutions for its demographic of youths and millennials, first with virtual currency Razer Gold, and then Razer Fintech, an offline-to-online Southeast Asian digital payment network that processed over US$2 billion in payments in 2019. A Razer Visa Card is one of those things that's so over the top that you just have to embrace it. Called simply the Razer Card, this curious thing is only available in Singapore for the time being. This is not a joke: a Razer Visa Card is meant to underline the firm's fintech ambitions For that to become feasible, it needs tech that's way more meaningful, disruptive, and accessible than what looks like an LED-infused version of Revolut's own Metal card.

The company is not nearly done in its excursion across the many sides of business just yet as it announces its latest endeavor with a prepaid card program. According to PCGamer, the virtual card will take advantage of the company's own payment scheme, the Razer Pay. An e-wallet service that had its debut in Malaysia back in 2018. The look of it is not any different from the Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or similar payment method. Standard and Premium prepaid card The prepaid card itself comes in two forms—a standard edition and the LED Razer logo-embossed premium edition. More than just simplifying payment with a swipe of a card, however, the card also rewards making purchases. Aside from the cashback incentive, the payment scheme also gamifies how each Razer Pay users spend their money, which is done by streamlining all transactions and correlate them to certain conditions, all towards getting a reward. "Access a unique gamified rewards system through the Razer Pay app, where unlike traditional cards' loyalty programs, users go through a personalized experience to track, score and redeem rewards, based on tasks and everyday transactions." If you're like the type who loves the idea of applying a bit of RPG element in your spending, being part of Razer's prepaid card program makes logical sense. Razer, who collaborated with VISA, announced a special credit card for players. The Razer logo on the matte black credit card turns green during contactless payment. Razer, in collaboration with the multinational financial services company VISA, announced a credit card that players will admire. While many people are uncomfortable with the space their credit cards occupy in their wallets, Razer's credit card is the kind of thing that every consumer will like with its design. The credit card announced by Razer has a black and matte color. The card, which can be used with Razer Pay, the company's own payment system, has a chip and the Razer logo on it. Moreover, this logo turns green, which is integrated with Razer when a contactless payment is requested. This is what Razer's credit card looks like According to Tan's statements, 1 percent refund will be received for purchases made with Razer's credit card. The advantages of the credit card offered by Razer are not limited to this. According to the statements made, Razer will refund 5 percent to consumers who subscribe to the credit card program when purchasing Razer products. The credit card, which can only be used in Singapore for now, will be accessible in more countries in the future.