28 September 2020 04:39

The Saints (1-1) scored their first touchdown on an 11-yard pass from Brees to Kamara.

SNF: Green Bay Packers 3-0 after win over Saints on the road

The Green Bay Packers hope to keep the winning ways going when they face the New Orleans Saints on the road in a prime-time matchup on Sunday, Sept. The Packers enter Week 3 on a seven-game regular-season win streak, the longest current streak in the NFC and Green Bay's longest winning streak since 2016-17 (seven games). Ahead of kickoff, the Packers announced Davante Adams and Kenny Clark would not play in this game. RELATED: Check out the new and improved FOX Sports app The Green Bay Packers won the coin toss and deferred, so the Saints started with the football Sunday night. The Packers got on the board first, with a 52-yard field goal by Mason Crosby, bringing the score to 3-0 with 7:30 left in the first.

The Saints soon answered with a touchdown, bringing the score to 7-3 with the extra point--with just over 5 minutes left in the first quarter. Crosby added a second field goal with 14:12 left in the second quarter, bringing the score to 7-6, Saints leading. The Packers took the lead with about 10 minutes left to go in the first half with the fifth career touchdown by Allen Lazard. With Crosby's extra point, the score was 13-7, Green Bay leading. The Saints answered with a field goal, bringing the score to 13-10.

New Orleans added a touchdown just before halftime, bringing the score to 17-13. Green Bay took the lead with a touchdown run by Aaron Jones--bringing the score to 20-17 with about 13 minutes left in the third. The Saints added a field goal to tie the game with under 6 minutes left in the third. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers hit Marcedes Lewis for a touchdown to put Green Bay back on top, 27-20 with just over 2 minutes left in the third. The Saints answered quickly with a 52-yard touchdown run to tie the game once again.

The Packers broke the tie with a field goal, bringing the score to 30-27. Aaron Rodgers hit Robert Tonyan Jr. for a touchdown to extend Green Bay's lead to 37-27. New Orleans added another field goal to bring the score to 37-30--the final--and the Packers are 3-0! Alvin Kamara is... We hear players described as "human cheat codes" so much that it is becoming played out.

And yet, for at least one play, Kamara was that cheat code. He caught a basic checkdown from Drew Brees and looked like he would lose a couple yards, or at best get back to the line of scrimmage. Instead, Kamara bobbed, weaved, and made his way 57 yards for a score. He broke a pair of tackles, got behind an impressively speedy offensive lineman, leapt a defender, bounced off another, and cut back for the score. Kamara is having a great effort in Week 3 against the Packers.

He has now caught 10 passes for 133 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 58 yards on six carries. If the Saints pull this one out, it will be because of Kamara more than anybody else. This is why Al Michaels is not calling Sunday Night Football Those watching "Sunday Night Football" between the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers noticed something immediately: Mike Tirico was on the call instead of Al Michaels. So where was Michaels? The NBC play-by-play voice was out on a "bye week." Prior to the start of the NFL season, NBC said that Michaels would miss a few weeks this season where Tirico would sub in for him. These were described as "bye weeks." Michaels apparently was part of deciding this plan to cut down on travel. "This is a great schedule for me," Michaels told the New York Post regarding the plan. "A lot of West Coast games and a couple of byes during the season to cut down on some travel, which is welcome for me. It's unclear what other games Michaels will miss besides Thanksgiving. Tirico will call two playoff games for NBC. There seems to be another matter at play here. Michaels' contract with NBC expires after next season. Tirico was brought in by NBC to call NFL games and be the face of the network's Olympics coverage. It's hard not to view this as a warmup for if/when Tirico eventually replaces Michaels. The presence of Tirico is why some at ESPN thought they might be able to trade for Michaels. The New Orleans Saints took a 17-13 halftime lead over the undefeated Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Sept. 27 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome thanks to a 10-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Drew Brees to receiver Emmanuel Sanders with six seconds left in the half. The Packers scored on a 5-yard pass from quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Allen Lazard that was set up by a 48-yard connection between the two. Kicker Mason Crosby added field goals of 52 and 33 yards. The Saints relied on their rushing attack for most of the half with Alvin Kamara (56 yards) and Latavius Murray (48 yards) both contributing. The Saints (1-1) scored their first touchdown on an 11-yard pass from Brees to Kamara. Kicker Wil Lutz added a 45-yard field goal in the second quarter. Penalties continued to be a problem for the Saints as they were called for four for 45 yards although two appeared to be incorrect calls. The Saints had two fumbles (Brees, Deonte Harris) but recovered both. Left guard Andrus Peat left the game late in the second quarter on a cart. Saints stat leaders: Drew Brees, 14 of 17 for 104 yards Alvin Kamara, four carries for 46 yards, seven catches for 61 yards and a TD Latavius Murray, eight carries for 48 yards Packers stat leaders: Aaron Rodgers, nine of 14 for 106 yards and a TD Saints go 3 and out on the first series. Packers drive deep into Saints territory but Aaron Rodgers is sacked for a big loss and they have to settle for a fieldgoal. Saints go to the ground and screen game and move the ball on a play by Alvin Kamara to the redzone. Drew completes to Kamara for the TD. Packers pick up two quick first downs to the 48. Malcom Jenkins get a horsecollar tackle penalty that is totally bogus. Seems we are always playing two teams. Rodgers scrambles and runs for a first down at the Saints 20. A short rush and the first quarter is over. Packers rush again for two and Carl Granderson is down on the field. Saints defense holds and force another fieldgoal. Taysom Hill in at QB and hands off to Kamara who goes for 2. Brees screen to Kamara loses 2. Brees is sacked and loses the ball. Saints recover and punt. Saints pick up another 15 yard penalty on the punt starting the Packers at the 50. Rodgers deep to the Saints 2. 1st and goal. Malcom Jenkins backs them up to the 5. Next play results in a TD. Saints start at the 25. Latavius Murray picks up two up the middle. Josh Hill negates a pick up by Kamara backing the Saints up 10. Kamara runs to the 20. Brees to Kamara who scramble for the 1st down. Murray rushes for 8. Murray again to the Packers 46 and a 1st down. Murray picks up 8. Another Injury timeout this time for the Packers. Murray to the 34 and a 1st down. Brees pass is batted down. Brees connect for 7. Taysom Hill to Josh Hill brings on the fieldgoal team. 13-10 Packers. Packers start at the 22. Pick up 13. Rodgers goes deep incomplete. Rush for 2. Rodgers incomplete. 3rd and 8 Rodgers goes deep again incomplete and punt. Saints ball at the 39 with the Devonte Harris return for 14 yards. Brees is sacked at the 32. Kamara with a short pick up and a holding penalty on the Packers moves the ball five yards and gives the Saints a 1st down at the 37. 2 minute warning and the half. Brees to Jared Cook for 8. Brees to Tre"Quan Smith to the 48. Brees to Kamara to the 44. Saints use their 1st timeout. Brees picks up a 1st with passes to Smith and Kamara. Brees to Kamara to the Packer 17. Kamara to the 10. Andrus Peat is down forcing the Saints to use their final timeout. 12 seconds left. The cart comes out to take Peat off the field. Brees to a covered Cook incomplete. Brees to Emmanuel Sanders for the TD. 17-13 Saints.