10 February 2020 04:33

The seventh season of Endeavour returns to ITV with a brand-new set of cases tonight.

Endeavour fans have been eagerly awaiting the new series of the Inspector Morse prequel since it went off the air in 2019. Now the wait is almost over as episode one airs on ITV tonight (Sunday, February 9). Express.co.uk has everything fans need to know about the latest episode. What time does Endeavour start tonight? The seventh season of Endeavour returns to ITV with a brand-new set of cases tonight.

The episode will air on the channel at 8pm and will run for two hours of crime-solving fun. This will be the first time fans have seen new episodes of the drama since it finished airing back in early 2019. DS Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans) will reunite with DCI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) for the latest outing. READ MORE: Endeavour 2019 spoilers: What happened to George in Endeavour? Endeavour 2020: What time does Endeavour start tonight?

Endeavour: What will happen in series 7? READ MORE Endeavour season 7 ITV air date, cast, trailer, plot How many episodes of Endeavour are there? This year the Oxford-set series will break with tradition and only air three episodes. Usually the show has four different feature length stories but this won't be the case in 2020. Each episode will deal with a new case set in Oxford in the 1970s as the detectives try and work out the culprit. The new trilogy of stories will open on New Year's Eve 1969 as the team reunite at Castle Gate CID. Endeavour: How many episodes are in season 7? Endeavour: Who stars in series 7? While each of them will pick on an individual case, it has been confirmed there will be an overarching story to the new episodes. He said: "The prospect of Colin Dexter's immortal creation entering a new decade is hugely exciting for all of Team Endeavour. "We're always looking to break new ground, and go places we haven't been before - both physically and emotionally. Grantchester season 5 start date: What time does Grantchester start? "The narrative design of this series gives us the opportunity to deliver a particularly distinctive story shape. "Though each film can be enjoyed as a standalone, we have approached Endeavour 1970 as three panels of a triptych, or in musical terms a grand opera that unfolds across three acts. "Whether it wears the mask of comedy or tragedy remains to be seen." There will also be as number of major returning cast members in the new episodes as Anton Lesser returns as CS Reginald Bright, Sean Rigby as DS Jim Strange and James Bradshaw as Dr Max DeBryn. Endeavour My Family And The Galapagos What a combination, Morse and women's lib. The testy detective returned for a new series of Endeavour (ITV), easily the best period crime drama on telly and at its confident peak here. Not that the fairer sex had much chance of fair play in unreconstructed Oxford. There was a flasher on the canal towpath, dropping his trousers to scare the girls. Almost as unpleasant, though somewhat more refined, one of the dons — Professor Blish, played by Angus Wright — boasted that he refused to allow his wife to have a chequebook, since domestic finances were self-evidently a male domain. Shaun Evans (left) directed the first episode of the new Endeavour series, which also stars Roger Allam (right) Shaun Evans not only plays Morse but directed this episode. Morse visited Teatro la Fenice in Venice, while DCI Fred Thursday and his wife Win were enjoying a stand-up comic at the working men's club. Morse did a crossword, and daydreamed of a mysterious aficionado of opera in a green dress who briefly became his lover. By the end, Morse hadn't caught the towpath psycho, the flasher had been despatched by a swordsman in a cape, and the lady in the green dress had turned up in Oxford. as the wife of an elegant stranger named Ludo (Ryan Gage). Ludo (the name means 'I play' in Latin) was flamboyantly cultured, equally knowledgable about wine and music. He made a great show of befriending Morse — in fact, given the right paperwork, Ludo might have adopted him on the spot. I'm pretty sure the title of the opera where Morse and Mrs Ludo met will turn out to be an oblique clue. But I did spot the tune whistled before the first victim was killed: a music hall melody called Oh, Oh, Antonio, all about jealousy. There was nothing complicated about My Family And The Galapagos (C4) as explorer Monty Halls and wife Tam returned to this natural wonderland in the Pacific Ocean with their two small girls. This is a family holiday with a mission, to teach the children about nature and inspire them to love and protect it. After his first visit, in 2018, Monty said he hoped young viewers would relate to his lively, inquisitive girls, Isla and Molly. Isla, aged seven, summed up the excitement of the Galapagos: 'It's a crazy and wonderful fantasy place. The show is light on detail and at times it is like watching a family's holiday videos.