25 November 2020 02:43

The state has reported nearly 10,800 cases and 189 confirmed deaths since the start of the pandemic.

el paso county

— Tennessee's governor says that once coronavirus vaccines become available, they will be optional in the state's K-12 public schools. EL PASO, Texas — Officials in El Paso County in Texas plan to impose a new curfew in hopes of combatting a surge in coronavirus cases that is overrunning the border area's hospitals and funeral homes. The county judge and state officials have been at odds over Samaniego's efforts to implement rules to slow the virus' spread in the border city of El Paso. INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana has nearly recorded its most COVID-19 deaths for a single month with a week remaining as health officials on Tuesday added 103 more deaths to the state's pandemic toll. The Indiana State Department of Health's daily update included the new deaths mostly occurring over the past several days through Monday, and which push November's total to at least 991.


That daily average has now reached 51 as Indiana's hospitals are treating nearly double the number of coronavirus patients as at any point since seeing their first infections in March. ATLANTA — Although White House officials are pushing Georgia to do more to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Brian Kemp said Tuesday that the responsibility rests with individual Georgians, as he implored them to take precautions over Thanksgiving. Although the virus is spreading more slowly in Georgia than in 40 other states, according to figures kept by The Associated Press, the number of infections is still rising rapidly and approaching the peak Georgia saw in late July. — Mississippi's top health official said he is exhausted trying to convince people in the state to take the coronavirus seriously and follow public health guidelines. Mississippi, with a population of about 3 million, has reported more than 144,500 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 3,729 deaths from COVID-19.

Hospitalizations are rising, with 946 people hospitalized in Mississippi with coronavirus Monday, compared with 560 on Nov. 4, according to the state Department of Health. State officials confirmed Tuesday a record high of 37 deaths in the last day, bringing the overall death toll to 883 since the start of the pandemic. State health officials said fatality updates on Tuesday are typically higher because of lag in reporting from the weekends. Russia has reported 2.1 million confirmed cases and more than 36,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio might get the potential coronavirus vaccine by Dec. 15, Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday, citing his office's conversations with federal officials. The seven-day rolling average of daily new cases in Ohio has risen from 4,724 cases on Nov. 9 to 8,277 on Monday, according to an Associated Press analysis of data provided by The COVID Tracking Project. MADRID — Spain is reporting a new daily record of 537 coronavirus deaths since the resurgence of the pandemic. Spain's total coronavirus cases stands at nearly 1.6 million, with more than 43,600 deaths. It reported 186 new cases on Tuesday for a total of nearly 38,200. The health ministry says Japan has 135,000 total cases and nearly 2,000 confirmed deaths. Health experts say if people disregard the new state and local restrictions and socialize anyway, that could put greater stress on overburdened hospitals and lead to an even bigger spike in sickness and death after the holidays. The nation is averaging 172,000 new virus cases per day, nearly double since the end of October, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. leads the world with 12.4 million cases and nearly 258,000 confirmed deaths since the start of the pandemic. The state says 971 people were hospitalized with the virus on Monday. Nebraska reported 1,860 new cases of the virus Monday to reach 115,921. The state reported 25 new deaths for a confirmed total of 934. The state has reported nearly 10,800 cases and 189 confirmed deaths since the start of the pandemic. MADRID — Spain officials say health workers and residents in elder care homes will be the first group vaccinated when potential doses arrive. Spain has reported more than 1.5 million cases and more than 43,000 confirmed deaths. "It's important we call work together, because we all have a role to play and that is in part that includes things like the medicines that were delivered today in part it involves all of the medical staffers and surgical operations that were sent but just as important is that everyone has a role to play in making sure that we slow the spread of COVID-19 it is exactly what we did this past summer in July when we saw the spike at that time and everybody came together at that time and followed those same rules that we have now. And so we followed up with my chief of staff explaining to him the necessity to do this, and then on top of that we also sent additional officers from the TABC to make sure the state of Texas was doing everything we can, but we also urged the judge to do was to use the CARES Act funding that has already been provided to him to make sure he was able to go out and get additional personnel to enforce the rules that exist. As we work our way through this response to COVID-19, as we bring on board these medications as well as the vaccines that will begin to both cure and heal people in El Paso."