29 November 2019 02:34

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Cell C reveals Black Friday specials

That's because Three has just dropped the motherload of SIM only deals on the table — UNLIMITED data, minutes and texts for just £18 per month. This Three SIM only deal is astonishing, beating even Three's own normal unlimited data deal, which costs more and requires a 24-month contract. It's a true Black Friday bargain, and the full details of the deal can be viewed below: Three mobile SIM | Unlimited data, texts and calls | £18 a month (12-month plan) | Available now at Three Unlimited SIM only plans offer the ultimate in versatility and peace of mind, with you knowing each and every month that your phone usage, no matter what you do, will only cost what your plan costs. And with this jaw-dropping Black Friday deal from Three, what you spend is just £18 per month. The short 12-month contract length and awesome free 5G and roaming complete a stunning package.View Deal Won't be a problem.

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Not a problem. With multiple members of the T3 team already partaking in Three's unlimited everything SIM only deals, we find it incredibly easy to recommend this Christmas cracker of an offer, as it delivers literally everything you would want. Aside from having the deal available on a contract-free monthly roll-over, there literally isn't anyway you can improve this. Want a quality mobile phone to go with that unlimited everything SIM only deal? Cell C has unveiled its Fantastic Black Friday deals, which include big discounts on SIM-only data packages as well as 24-month smartphone contracts.

discounts and allowances

The network's Black Friday deals are available for one day only on 29 November, although Cell C will continue to offer Win24Summer campaign discounts over the holiday season. A number of the Cell C deals offer large once-off data amounts, from 10GB-30GB, which are valid for 30 days after purchase. Cell C is also offering two-for-one deals, bundling two smartphones on a single 24-month Pinnacle Top Up contract. A SIM-only SmartData deal is available which offers 5GB Anytime + 5GB Nite data for R99 per month on a 24-month contract, in addition to a 10GB once-off data bundle valid for 30 days. The network is also offering a Pinnacle Top Up 3GB SIM-only contract which is priced at R269 per month and includes 2GB Anytime + 1GB Nite data in addition to 210 any-network minutes and unlimited SMS.

Cell C Black Friday deals Now read: MTN Black Friday deals unveiled Martin Lewis picked out an £8 SIM deal from Three as his top pick of Black Friday. The deal from Three was a 24-month SIM card that gives the user 8gb of data use for just £8 a month, along with free calls and unlimited texts. The Money Saving Expert took to Good Morning Britain to praise the deal but the mobile network retailer has now gone one better with an eye-catching Black Friday deal that could beat the £8 SIM. Three has launched a 12gb of data SIM card for just £10 in the latest Black Friday deal, which gives 4gb more data for just £2 a month extra. It has also revealed an unlimited data SIM card for just £20 a month for 24 months, but has cut the price of the first six months to just £10 for a short time during its Black Friday sale. Vodafone's Black Friday deal is to offer 4gb of data for £11. It says that's four times the data you would usually get from the £11 a month 1gb deal. Black Friday takes place on 29 November this year but many retailers have launched early deals in the days before the main event. You can follow the latest Black Friday deals in our live blog here.

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