15 September 2020 20:37

The Third Day

At What Point in The Third Day Would I Have Run Away Forever?

We see its pagan rituals and fiercely loyal community through the eyes of an outsider, Sam (Jude Law). He rescues a young girl trying to hang herself in the woods in Essex and drives her home to the island, only to find that he can't get back that night — the tide is in, covering the Roman causeway connecting Osea to the mainland. The only option is to stay over at the pub, with its creepy landlord, watching people prepare for a festival and feeling increasingly uneasy about what he sees. After the first three episodes, which form a story called Summer, there will be a 12-hour theatrical event telling an interconnected narrative set on the island shown live on Sky Arts on October 3 (the real-life horror of a second wave of Covid permitting). The finale is Winter, which stars Naomie Harris giving a brilliantly tense performance as a single mother who has brought her daughters to Osea as a surprise birthday treat, thinking they will be interested in its archaeological past.

The camera is constantly darting around with few static shots, which makes you feel like your eyes are scanning the island with Sam's, trying to get the measure of the place, as ominous music plays, hinting that the quaint traditions we see verge on something more untoward. Fair enough, it's not every day Jude Law comes to your bar. Choices like, in the case of the new HBO drama The Third Day, willingly driving onto a clearly creepy island and then — for some reason! As a result, I spent most of The Third Day watching in agony as the main character Sam (played by Jude Law), drives out to the most nightmarish, unnerving, creepy-ass island anyone has ever seen and then doesn't leave immediately. Here, then, is a rundown of all events in the first episode of The Third Day where I (or any sane person) would've muttered "oh absolutely not," and left forever.

The teenage girl hangs herself, Jude Law rescues her, and then she asks him to take her to the island. If, somehow, I was convinced that I should take this teen girl home instead of getting her immediate medical attention, one look at the causeway out to her creepy island might've given me pause. While waiting for the causeway to open, Jude Law sees an enormous, colorful cricket. If you're already on the fence about this whole island situation, that's surely the point where you rethink things, right? But no, Jude Law is determined to get onto this island.

While driving onto the island, Jude Law is overwhelmed by the feeling he's been there before. When Jude Law first drives onto the island, the teen girl he's rescued points out some villagers holding enormous, uncanny man and woman puppets. But the girl explains that it's from an ancient island ritual, an annual holiday they celebrate as a big festival. Yes. Should Jude Law have seen them and thought, Huh, maybe I won't stick around for the ancient festival? I'm disappointed in myself, but once I saw the puppets I would've convinced myself to give the creepy island a shot. Eventually, although I would surely have left by this point, Jude Law is still there and picks up on the sense that all the villagers are talking about something when they think he can't hear. At this point, whether Jude Law should flee the island has become moot. The causeway has flooded again as the tide comes in, so Jude Law is now forced to wait it out until the road opens the next day. That rat just screams, "I gave my life to fulfill an ancient promise to the island gods who are dissatisfied with the actions of man, and whose appetites have now been quieted but not fully quelled." Maybe Jude Law can't leave at this point. If this were me, though, I would drive my car up to the causeway entrance, climb inside, lock the door, and refuse to open it or speak to anyone until I could get myself off that damn island the next day. The Third Day stars Jude Law and Naomie Harris (Photo: Sky/HBO) The first story begins with Summer, three episodes of TV broadcast on Sky Atlantic, which tells the story of Sam (played by Jude Law) who is drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast. After Summer, viewers are brought into the world of The Third Day through Autumn, which is a theatre show to be broadcast live on Sky Arts (not Sky Atlantic), and online. Sky says: "Capturing events live and in one continuous take, this cinematic broadcast will invite viewers deeper into the mysterious and suspenseful world of The Third Day, and will blur and distort the lines between what's real and what's not." After Autumn comes Winter, which concludes the stories from The Third Day, which will be three more episodes of television broadcast on Sky Atlantic. Struggling single mother, Helen (played by Naomie Harris) also finds herself drawn to the island, in pursuit of answers. Jude Law (The Young Pope, The Nest) stars as Sam, the lead for the first half of the series called Summer. It shows Sam (Law) and Helen (Harris) arriving at the mysterious island - and it doesn't take long before things start going wrong. The Third Day is split up into three sections - Summer, which has three episodes, will begin airing weekly on Sky Atlantic starting on Tuesday 15 September, at 9pm. The final three episodes, Winter, will then begin airing weekly on 6 October on Sky Atlantic. HBO and Sky Atlantic series The Third Day arrives this week and promises a viewing experience like no other. The Third Day is set on a mysterious island READ MORE The Rhythm Section release date, cast, trailer, plot - all you need The first story takes place in the summer when a man called Sam (played by Jude Law) travels to an island and quickly finds himself cut off and at the mercy of the local residents after high tide washes away the only road to the mainland. Finally, the third story is in winter and sees another person – the strong-willed Hannah (Naomie Harris) venturing to the strange island called Osea in search of answers. The Third Day stars Jude Law as a man consumed by grief The Third Day will also feature a live event The event will feature 100 members of the Punchdrunk live theatre company, along with the cast of The Third Day back on location.