14 August 2020 18:45

The turkey-based twists were a regular feature of children’s school dinners.

turkey meat

Cadbury brings back sell-out Twirl Orange with first ever pre-sale Anyone who grew up in the nineties will know the delight that a plate of Turkey Twizzlers would bring - usually alongside some potato smileys. The turkey-based twists were a regular feature of children's school dinners. However they were soon banned after celebrity chef Jamie Oliver campaigned to make school lunches more healthy as part of his Channel 4 series Jamie's School Dinners. The twists contained just 34 percent turkey and were criticised for their high fat content, as the meat was bulked up with water, pork fat, rusk, and coating, and loaded with additives, sweeteners, and flavourings. READ MORE: Mars brings back most popular chocolate bar after 30 years

Turkey Twizzlers return teased by Bernard Matthews in ‘the comeback of the century’