26 September 2020 02:37

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It is now time for Yara Shahidi to get her wings in the anticipated live-action from Disney. Disney has been making strides in diversifying its classic characters that have traditionally featured white actresses. Sources tell Deadline that the Grown-ish actress Yara Shahidi is cast in Disney's live-action Peter Pan and Wendy to play Tinkerbell. Disney has David Lowery on board to direct and co-write the script with Toby Halbrooks. Shahidi joins Jude Law to play Captain Hook, Alexander Molony, to play Peter Pan, and newcomer Ever Anderson to play Wendy.

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Sources also tell Deadline that the release is expected to be theatrical and has no plans to go the Disney+ streaming route. Many different studios have made their versions of Peter Pan, including Steven Spielberg's Hook starring Robin Williams and Joe Wright's Pan, but sadly both films didn't do well at the box office. The J.M. Barrie novel's most successful adaptation about Peter Pan is the 1953 animated classic from Disney. Shahidi rose to fame as Zoey, the daughter of Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross's characters on the ABC sitcom Black-ish. Disney has found its live-action Tinker Bell.

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Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi will make history as the first Black actress to play Tinker Bell in live-action for the upcoming Peter Pan and Wendy, according to Deadline. Shahidi is following in the footsteps of Hook star Julia Roberts and French actress Ludivine Sagnier in playing Tinker Bell on the big screen, as well as Rose McIver bringing her to life on TV in Once Upon a Time. The 20-year-old actress is best known for her portrayal of Zoey Johnson in ABC sitcom Black-ish and its Freeform spin-off Grown-ish, as well as having a leading voice role in Netflix's Trollhunters show. Peter Pan and Wendy is being described as a 21st century update on the classic JM Barrie story, much in line with other recent Disney live-action remakes like Mulan and Aladdin. The Old Man & the Gun and Disney's Pete's Dragon director David Lowery has previously signed on to direct from a script by Toby Halbrooks (A Ghost Story).

The larger cast includes Marvel's Black Widow star Ever Anderson and newcomer Alexander Molony in leading roles as Wendy and Peter Pan. Captain Marvel and Fantastic Beasts star Jude Law has been cast as Peter Pan's nemesis Captain Hook, after Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Driver and Will Smith were all reportedly considered for the role. There is no timeline yet for when Peter Pan and Wendy will be going into production, nor is there any information on a potential release date from Disney. Deadline has indicated that Disney intends for Peter Pan and Wendy to be released theatrically, rather than go directly to Disney+ subscribers. The next major live-action Disney movie scheduled for release is Cruella, a prequel to One Hundred and One Dalmatians set for release on May 28, 2021. Disney has cast Grown-ish actress Yara Shahidi to play Tinker Bell in Peter Pan and Wendy. Yara Shahidi joins Jude Law, who will play Captain Hook, along with previously announced actors Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson, who will portray the title characters, respectively. While it was originally though that the movie was going to be a Disney+ project, it appears that the studio is going the theatrical route instead, according to sources close to the project. Yara Shahidi is best-known for starring on sitcom Black-ish as Zoey. Her character was so popular that she was given her own series, Young-ish, which documented Zoey's college years. Now, the 20-year old actress is heading to the big screen as Tinker Bell in Peter Pan and Wendy. Additionally, Shahidi isn't the only Black-ish cast member to get a recent Disney role. Jude Law was announced as Captain Hook in Peter Pan and Wendy back in July, but apparently the studio originally had other plans. Will Smith reportedly was asked to take on the Captain Hook role before Law, but he declined and went on to star as the Genie in the live action remake of Aladdin instead. It was also reported that Joker star Joaquin Phoenix was also approached to take on the villainous role in the upcoming live-action adaptation, but he also declined. Dustin Hoffman, Jason Isaacs, and, most recently, Garret Hedlund have all played Captain Hook on the screen. David Lowery is directing Peter Pan and Wendy from a script he co-wrote with Pete's Dragon co-writer Toby Halbrooks. It was reported at the beginning of this year that the aim was to start production in April and work until August, though that did not pan out for anybody. With that being said, it is unclear when Disney plans on getting Peter Pan and Wendy up and running. Peter Pan and Wendy does not have a release date at this time, though that news could be coming soon. It was not on Disney's list of upcoming release dates that they just revealed, which went all the way through December 2022. However, there are more than a few dates that are dedicated to "Untitled Disney Live Action," starting in November 2021 and spread out through 2022. For now, we'll just have to see when it will be safe to start production on Peter Pan and Wendy. The Tinker Bell casting news was originally reported by Deadline.