06 February 2020 16:56

They play fast as Betty and Alice break into the Quill and Skulls room, looking for Bret’s tapes.

RECAP: Riverdale S4E12 – Chapter 69 – Men of Honor

(The sister was blown up by a car bomb.) The killing is at the center of the series, but its heart may lie elsewhere: Andy Greenwald, a former TV critic who wrote the show (it's based on the Ross Thomas novel of the same name), said in an interview with The New York Times last year that he was influenced by shows like "Twin Peaks" and "Lost." "They all had a community of characters who you wanted to spend time with and who you'd get excited about whenever they appeared onscreen," he said. The Archie Comics character Katy Keene ditches the fictional town of Riverdale for the stranger-than-fiction New York City in this new, fashion-forward musical series. A spinoff of "Riverdale," the show reimagines Katy (Lucy Hale) and a few other Archie Comics characters as young New Yorkers chasing their dreams, which include Broadway stardom and fashion-business success. Hopefully, we'll get more scenes in the future of Katy and Veronica hanging around New York. When Hiram and Hermione had said they were going to New York for a visit too, did you think they were trying to prevent Veronica's acceptance into a university?

Nick is still the same smug evil monster who tried to rape Cheryl on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 5. Continuing the trend of their reconciliation, I loved that Betty and Alice teamed up for their latest investigation of Stonewall Prep/Brett. Alice gave Betty a lot of room to lead the investigation, which is a far cry from Riverdale Season 1. Alice hearing that Brett might have a sex tape of Jughead and Betty needs to become a GIF ASAP. Jughead conceding the duel provided much-needed growth for his character since his therapy session on Riverdale Season 4 Episode 8.

Ted tore through that school to get his revenge against Frank and his loved ones; each new attack was more uncomfortable than the last. It's a very special crossover episode this week, as Veronica heads to New York for her interview with Barnard. After Hermione reveals that Hiram has a neuromuscular disorder, Veronica tells her parents that she will be attending Barnard and wants them there when she moves in during August — oh, and she's changing her name back to Lodge, in what seems to be an olive branch to her father. He says he's done playing this game, and that he doesn't want to be a "Stonewall man" like Brett is. Moose reveals the Mr. Chipping had recruited him to Stonewall for football, then aggressively pushed him toward the Army, oh and Brett was also blackmailing Moose with a tape he'd secretly recorded of Moose and another student having sex in their dorm room.

Aghast, Betty and Alice snoop around Brett's room, roll their eyes through his denials when he catches them, and then break into the Quill & Skull basement during the duel chess match. Betty finds a bunch of tapes and goes about removing the evidence from the scene, which does not seem like the correct move, but it doesn't matter because Brett's silent alarm gets them caught. Brett claims those tapes are just the recordings of the Quill & Skull initiation confessions, and all seems settled…until Betty and Jughead watch Donna's tape and discover that her confession is about an affair with a different teacher, one who doesn't appear to exist, and it's word-for-word the same as what she told Betty about Mr. Chipping. The morning after, Nick wakes up to a rumpled bed and Kevin, Fangs, and Toni show him the tickle video they made with him last night. He's outraged, and Toni shuts him down: he better behave himself from now on, and also never come back to Riverdale, otherwise she releases the video.

• In a plot that seems designed to get Uncle Frank out of town, Ted, a former vet friend of Frank's, visits and tries to kill him (and later Archie). It's all connected to a gig the men did as mercenaries, and it results in Ted getting picked up by the Feds, Archie seemingly convincing Frank to turn himself in too, and Frank leaving town without saying goodbye. Archie later admits to F.P. that he isn't all that surprised Frank split, and affirms that he wants to be a simple man of honor, like his father was. The official synopsis for the episode sees Archie reaching out to Hiram for advice while Jughead continues to have issues at Stonewall Prep. The other thing that we wanted to do is, this year Archie and Veronica weren't that involved in the Gargoyle King mystery — it was more Betty and Jughead.

Remember when Jughead challenged Bret to a duel at the end of last week's Riverdale? Betty doesn't trust Donna or her story of having an affair with Chipping. After Archie leaves for school in the morning, Frank gets a frantic phone call from some lady yelling that the guy Ted said died of cancer was murdered. In the explanation to Archie later, we find out that Uncle Frank was a mercenary after his army days, and the company must want him dead. He tells Betty and Alice that Mr. Chipping recruited him to play football for Stonewall Prep and also encouraged him to leave for the army. Betty and Alice comb Bret's room looking for his sex tape collection, but are caught by Bret himself. Betty point blank asks Bret if he filmed her and Jughead too. Katy asks Veronica if Archie is going to join her in New York when she gets into Barnard, but Veronica says she can't see Archie leaving Riverdale. Skeet calls Archie to let him know that Ted escaped. They play fast as Betty and Alice break into the Quill and Skulls room, looking for Bret's tapes. Betty accuses him of taping her and Jughead during sex. Jughead verifies Bret's claim by telling Betty he made a tape when he was initiated. Back at the chess game, Jughead throws the match, not giving Bret the satisfaction of beating him for real. Archie gets the news that Ted's been arrested by the feds, but they're looking for Frank too. Toni comes in with a laptop and shows him what he did the night before, playing for him the tickle video that he, Kevin and Fangs filmed together. If Nick doesn't want this video shown to people, he'll never step foot in Riverdale again. Kevin, Fangs, Toni and Cheryl watch the video later.