30 June 2020 08:30

‘They were watching Glastonbury and said, “See that lady you’re singing and dancing to?

KYLIE MINOGUE has shared a tear-jerking response from a fan who watched her play Glastonbury, 14 years after she had to bow out due to her breast cancer diagnosis. The pop princess's 2019 set — the most-viewed in the festival's history — was replayed on the BBC's iPlayer at the weekend, and the parents of a cancer sufferer 'aged five or six' got in touch to say she was their daughter's inspiration. 'They said she didn't want to take her medicine any more,' Kylie, 52, told BBC Radio 2. 'They were watching Glastonbury and said, "See that lady you're singing and dancing to? She wasn't well and she took her medicine".

Kylie Minogue’s tonic for cancer sufferer girl

Things like that break your heart and mend it at the same time, so we got in touch with them.'