22 October 2019 02:44

This is not the first time Tom Green has tweeted his support for the Liberal leader.

In the absence of an overriding narrative, dirty tactics and awkward moments characterized Canada's official campaign, making it a bumpy ride into Monday's federal election. The fortunes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's media bus illustrate how things for the six competing parties have gone. 11, the first day of the campaign, the bus collided with the wing of the Trudeau-branded airplane, putting it out of commission for weeks. Four years ago, Liberal leader Trudeau won a majority in parliament after embracing "change" as his campaign narrative after almost a decade of Conservative Party rule. After a six-week campaign, Canadians vote on Oct. 21 with polls showing a dead heat between the two frontrunners, Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

The most explosive moment of the race was when Time magazine published a picture of Trudeau, who has been a champion of Canadian multiculturalism, in blackface in 2001. The next day, a blackface video of Trudeau from the early 1990s surfaced after it was leaked by the Conservatives to a broadcaster. No angels themselves, Liberal officials had spent two years collecting video clips, documents and social media posts they could use against the Conservatives, two Liberal officials, who were not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitivity of the information, said recently. Trudeau this week called the campaign one of the "dirtiest, nastiest" in the country's history. A few weeks later, former US President Barack Obama turned his back on his fellow countryman and endorsed Trudeau.

The Canadian federal election is right around the corner, and while it might seem like it's too late for celebrity endorsements, a couple of Canadian icons have been throwing their support behind Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party. Justin Trudeau's Twitter supporters now include Tom Green and Ed The Sock. In an October 20 tweet, Green shared a Tweet from Trudeau that said, "Conservatives are clearly focused on making stuff up, we'll stay focused on Canadians. Green's own message of support read, "How awesome is this guy?! Proud to have Justin Trudeau as Canadian PM.

This is not the first time Tom Green has tweeted his support for the Liberal leader. The same goes for Ed The Sock, who has been tweeting in support of Trudeau throughout the election. "On Monday, reject the calculated cynicism, barrage of #Scheer lies & urge to punish #Trudeau for letting you down by being a flawed human like the rest by punishing the poor & needy and the rest of us [that] make up Canada - the greatest country in the world. Let's keep moving forward," Ed The Sock wrote in a tweet from October 17. Other famous figures have also shared their support for the current government.

Ryan Reynolds said he is proud of the progress made on the environment over the last four years (while not naming Trudeau directly). Meanwhile, former U.S. President Barack Obama tweeted out a direct endorsement for Justin Trudeau. Ed and Tom Green have even tweeted at each other about their shared support for Trudeau. "Proud of my friend @tomgreenlive, standing up for progressive values - human, humane values - joining me publicly supporting re-election of #Trudeau & #Liberals. Neither me or Tom have ever been afraid to piss some ppl off," Ed The Sock wrote on October 20. The Canadian federal election takes place on October 21. As of October 20, the CBC Poll Tracker shows the Liberals leading the Conservatives by just.1 percent. A week ago Friday, I was among the first people in my Toronto riding to vote at the advance poll. I've always loved the advance poll (duty done and early too), but never more so than this election. This time, voting early bought me freedom. I spent the first week covering Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, wherein the highlight was the day early on when the Liberal bus hit a wing of the Liberal plane. Two other blackface incidents followed, the most recent when Trudeau was 29, and I realized that while the SNC-Lavalin imbroglio was far more serious, this blackface thing might mean the end for him. I will be watching election night, of course, fully expecting that is most often the case, I will get the government they (those Canucks so well-inculcated into soft-L liberal thinking) deserve. Every time I hear the imperative "Forward!" from the Liberals in this election, my mind immediately conjures an image from my studies of World War 1. It is of an out-of-touch British officer cynically blowing a whistle (as they did then) and ordering well-meaning citizen soldiers to go up and over the top of the trench into murderous machine gun fire in another futile attack that lacked ingenuity or imagination. With that in mind, let's look at what "Forward!" means today and where Justin Trudeau's elitist government would take us if re-elected. What's more, this Liberal government has added an astronomical $71 billion to that debt over just the last four years alone. What did Justin Trudeau spend $71 billion on since he has been elected? Remember, it was Justin Trudeau who said during the 2015 election, "I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest…We said we are committed to balanced budgets. Well, it's 2019 and Justin Trudeau delivered another crippling $20-billion deficit. I don't believe that voters here in Van Centre want four more years of a government that lies, not only about spending, but about things that go on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, your current representative, Hedy Fry, has blindly gone along with everything Trudeau has done. Hedy Fry stayed silent as her Liberal colleague, Jody Wilson-Raybould—like her, a woman, Vancouverite, and member of a minority—was tossed under the bus for standing up for judicial independence against Trudeau amid the SNC-Lavalin scandal. In both cases, the SNC affair and the Norman case, Trudeau illegally interfered specifically in order to help his elite Liberal friends. It's time for a government that remembers it is their job to make your life better, more affordable, more convenient, and more manageable. It's time for a government that believes in your ability to make choices about your hard-earned dollars. It's time to get rid of a prime minister who called our small business owners "tax cheats", while giving wealthy long-time Liberal friends, Loblaw Cos., $12 million for new refrigerators in order to "fight global climate change". It's time to end all that—the arrogance, the virtue-signaling, and the patronizing approach to governing in which the Liberals think they are better at spending your money than you are. It's time for a fresh start and a new representative in Vancouver Centre. Someone with a business background like me—not someone who has been a politician for almost three decades and who lost touch with ordinary Canadians years ago—to be your voice in Ottawa. The larger question in this election really is: who do you trust to ensure that government leaves more money in your pocket so that you and your family can get ahead? On Monday (October 21), vote Conservative.