29 November 2019 18:40

This mini event usually sees EA Sports release special Ultimate Team FUT Packs over the Black Friday weekend.

FIFA 20 Black Friday Event Update The first FIFA 20 Black Friday offer has been revealed and it's a goodun'. Writing on Twitter, EA Sports has announced a new reward, as the best players from previous FIFA 20 Team of the Week squads are once again available in packs for a limited time only. Of course, we're joking because there is some genuinely good deals to be had at the moment, be it PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch offers. That's because EA Sports typically release their own unique Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) event. This mini event usually sees EA Sports release special Ultimate Team FUT Packs over the Black Friday weekend.

You'll be able to net yourself a bargain on FUT packs with some 'blink and you'll miss it' Flash sales. When does FIFA 20 Black Friday Event Start? So we imagine the event will begin at the same time with various offers announced at various intervals across the weekend. For a better idea of what the event could include, read on to see how EA Sports framed the event last year, during FIFA 19. FIFA 20 Black Friday Event - What to expect?

The below information is taken from the main blog post used by EA Sports for the FIFA 19 Black Friday event. We would imagine they'll follow a similar pattern for the new game event. The one thing that's not mentioned below, though we're not sure why, is the 'Best of Team of the Week re-release' which was also apart of last years Black Friday event. Essentially, EA Sports re-released 11 TOTW FUT cards, for players who were, essentially the best TOTW players released so far since the launch of the game. For now, here's those FIFA 19 Black Friday details from 2019.

FIFA 19 Black Friday Key Details "Get ready for Ultimate Team on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you'll find lightning-round offers, brand new pack types, revamped flash Squad Building Challenges, themed weekly objectives, and more. A variety of some of the best packs packs in FUT will be offered hourly on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with a limited number available: • Hourly pack offers on Friday from Nov 23 at 2 p.m. UK to Nov 27 at 2 p.m. UK time Revamped Flash Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are available for a very short time and will be going live throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only will the Weekly Objectives be themed for Black Friday but the more you engage with these Objectives, the better your potential rewards will be! Tesco have FIFA 20 for PS4 and Xbox One for just £35, which is a saving of £15 on the latest instalment in the long-running franchise. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of that game are at the same price: £35.

These are some of the lowest prices we've seen these blockbuster games, and it's all thanks to Black Friday. FIFA 20 (Xbox One) | Tesco £35 (save £15) The latest instalment in the long running Fifa series is here, and now for a bargain price. Click here to find all the best of the Black Friday gaming deals. FIFA 20 on PS4 and Xbox One has dropped to just £37.99 on Amazon. If you're looking for other video game deals, we've got the best Black Friday deals right here, or you could peruse the list of game deals directly below this paragraph of text. Our Xbox One Black Friday deals hub has all the best deals for Microsoft's console. Keep reading to find out the significant changes from both the PS4 and Xbox One FUT markets and tips on where to invest your FIFA coins. Piemonte's (Juventus') long-serving centre back is our top price dropper this week, with the Italian centre back experiencing a price drop of over 25% – not a bad deal for Black Friday! For his new price, you'll be signing a man with 94 defensive awareness, 91 standing tackle and 91 aggression – basically he's one of the best centre backs in the game. The Napoli forward is known for his pace and goal-scoring ability, and his FIFA 20 card is no different. Due to his price drop, you can now bag the Italian for under 30,000 coins on the Xbox market. READ MORE: FIFA 20: All the best young centre backs Therefore, his FUT price drop cannot be a reflection of his real-life performances. Instead, his price change is likely due to his 80 rated strength and 74 rated sprint speed. His price drop may be due to his lack of speed, with an acceleration of just 48. Yarmolenko had a decent start to the season, contributing three goals and an assist across 12 appearances for West Ham. On FIFA 20, his 86 rated dribbling, 83 ball control and 83 long shots means he's a solid card to sign. Inaki Williams – 1800 coins (+49.49%) Xbox One His increase in FIFA 20 price is unsurprising considering he possesses many of the stats desired from a striker – 95 sprint speed and 85 strength means he's unlikely to come across a defender he can't beat and his 82 finishing means he can find the back of the net. Mats Hummels – 31,250 coins (+38.89%) Xbox One Nevertheless, the centre back is still a fantastic player, but it's his lack of pace that lets him down on FIFA 20. READ MORE: FIFA 20: All the best young Goalkeepers Despite of his 59 sprint speed, his 90 defensive awareness counters this, whilst his 89 standing tackle and 90 interceptions reveals him to be a top player – FUT players have clearly identified this as his price has risen considerably. On FIFA 20, Rebic has 91 sprint speed, 85 shot power and 84 aggression. A great player for below 2000 coins, so it's no wonder that his price is rising. READ MORE: FIFA 20 – Top 10 Centre Backs to sign