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This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, King Corbin got another match against Murphy.

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Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler return to WWE TV on SmackDown

Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler have returned to WWE TV. Tonight's SmackDown on FOX episode saw Blake and Cutler return as muscle for King Baron Corbin. The former Forgotten Sons accompanied Corbin to the ring for his match against Murphy, who had The Mysterio Family (Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Aalyah Mysterio) with him. Blake and Cutler are now sporting clean-shaven looks, and were wearing jackets over hoodies. It wasn't clear who they were at first, but the announcers confirmed their identities half-way through the match.

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Corbin ended up winning the match, which was a rematch from last week's show, where The Mysterios interfered to help Murphy win. Tonight's match saw Corbin direct Blake and Cutler to attack Rey and Dominik at ringside, which distracted Murphy. Murphy ended up chasing Blake and Cutler away, but ran back into the ring and was caught by End of Days for the pin to win. Blake and Cutler have been off WWE TV since late May when The Forgotten Sons were pulled from the storylines due to Jaxson Ryker receiving heat from wrestlers and fans for Twitter comments in support of President Donald Trump. The group had arrived to the blue brand in April, and began a feud with then-SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. WWE had plans for The Forgotten Sons to win the straps, but that was nixed and they were replaced in the feud by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

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There's no word yet on if Ryker will be brought back to TV any time soon. Blake and Cutler distanced themselves from Ryker's comments as soon as the fallout started. There was no mention of Ryker on commentary during tonight's match. It looks like Corbin now has a stable with Cutler and Blake. It's interesting to note that Murphy teamed with Blake for a few years in WWE NXT, and held the NXT Tag Team Titles once.

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Stay tuned for more on the returns of Blake and Cutler. Below are several shots from tonight's match on SmackDown: Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler have re-emerged, aiding King Corbin in his win tonight on SmackDown against Murphy. Both men were identified when they came out to help Corbin, who lost last week against Murphy on SmackDown following interference from the Mysterio family. Corbin challenged Murphy to another match, saying that next time he would be prepared. During tonight's match, the two sides mostly stayed apart until the finish.

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Murphy had Corbin in the corner when Corbin signaled to Cutler and Blake. They promptly attacked both Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Murphy exited the ring to help, but when he came back to the ring walked into the End of Days for the win. Cutler and Blake had originally been called up from NXT along with Jaxson Ryker back in April. However, all three men were pulled from television in May after Ryker voiced support for President Donald Trump during the George Floyd protests, which led to backlash backstage from several WWE stars.

The Forgotten Sons, Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake, and Jaxson Ryker, debuted for WWE over the Summer. Then a poorly timed tweet from Ryker in support of Donald Trump caused the stable to be pulled from action. Click here for our complete coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. King Corbin faced Murphy once again this week. Corbin said that he will be ready this week after the Mysterio family got involved in their match. This week, he had backup. Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake appeared beside King Corbin as his backup. Jaxson Ryker was not seen, nor was he mentioned. They later confirmed that Blake and Cutler are keeping their names, but Corey Graves said they were formerly of the Forgotten Sons. This plan for Corbin paid off as he got the win over Murphy. Cutler and Blake assaulted Rey and Dominick Mysterio to cause a distraction. Interestingly enough, Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy were a tag team in NXT managed by Alexa Bliss. This is an interesting placement for Cutler and Blake, but at least they found their way back to WWE television. This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, King Corbin got another match against Murphy. However, this week, Corbin had some back up with him. Two mysterious men in hoodies walked out and stood at ringside during the match. The men were Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. Blake teamed with Murphy in NXT and they were NXT Tag Team Champions at one point. Blake and Cutler attacked Dominik and Rey and Corbin won the match with the End of Days. While not confirmed, it appears that The Forgotten Sons are no longer a stable. There were questions about the future of the group after comments from Jaxson Ryker and Black Lives Matter. There were also anti-mask comments that drew a big outcry from fans on social media and a blackface photo from a few years ago. It's not clear if there are plans to bring him back, perhaps, under a new gimmick or if he will be back at all. Click here for more news from WWE Friday Night SmackDown. King Corbin and Murphy went at it during tonight's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, with Corbin looking to gain a big win against Murphy in the process. Thanks to some help from Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler, Corbin was able to do just that, with the former Forgotten Sons helping Corbin walk out of SmackDown with a win. Throughout most of the match, Corbin had the upper hand over Murphy, having taken control of the match early. Towards the end of the match, with Corbin still assaulting Murphy, Blake and Cutler – who were standing at ringside in hooded outfits – began attacking Dominik and Rey Mysterio, who had joined Murphy at ringside. Murphy attempted to make the save and chased away Blake and Cutler from the Mysterios, but ended up running right into Corbin's End of Days, which Corbin nailed for the win. For more on how the match went, check out below: Corbin comes to the ring with two men in hoods. One of them looks like Murphy's old partner Blake. Corbin drives his shoulder into Murphy's gut. Corbin tosses Murphy clear across the ring. Corbin works over Murphy tries a sunset flip but Corbin puts on the breaks. Corbin walks into a rana by Murphy. Corbin falls over the top rope to the outside area. Murphy gets distracted by one of the guys in the hoods. Corbin launches. Murphy over the barricade into a cameraman in the timekeeper's area. After the break, Corbin continues his assault. The two men in hoods are Blake and Cutler, formerly of The Forgotten Sons. Blake and Cutler attack Dominik and Rey Mysterio outside the ring. Murphy makes the save but as he is chasing Cutler and Blake he runs right into Corbin's End of Days. Corbin pins Murphy. RELATED: WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (12/04/20)

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