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  • This year, Simon Cowell has missed shows for just the second time in Britain's Got Talent's 14-series history.

This year, Simon Cowell has missed shows for just the second time in Britain's Got Talent's 14-series history.

Where is Simon Cowell and why is he not judging the BGT 2020 final tonight?

British magician Ryan Tricks auditioned for season 15 of 'AGT' with a very unique magic act. Ryan made Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel put their friendship to the test in a trick involving their connection. Ryan Tricks Brought Howie Mandel And Simon Cowell Onto The 'AGT' Stage Ryan made Simon choose one deck of cards and Howie got the other. Ryan put the cards face down in front of them and made them hover their fingers over the deck and keep eye contact. Next Ryan blindfolded Howie and made him feel like he was touching his hand, when in actuality, he was touching Simon's hand.

"Since the moment you started talking I knew you were going to entertain us with something really good," Sofia Vergara said. "There's something about you that I really like Ryan," Simon said. "It was very strange sitting there I just had this really eerie fantastic experience." He also said the experience made him love Howie a little bit more. He Had A Little Help From A Familiar Face During Judge Cuts The 'AGT' judges wanted to see more from Ryan during the Judge Cuts. He performed virtually with a little help from 'BGT' judge Alesha Dixon.

Sofia said she loved "how you command the stage." Though his performance was full of mind-blowing moments, Ryan did not make it to the live shows. Where Is Ryan Tricks Now? After appearing on 'AGT,' Ryan continued to grow his online presence and perform tricks on the streets for unsuspecting patrons. If you are such a big fan of Ryan and his incredible audition like we are, definitely check out the compilation below. It features some of the best magicians to ever hit the 'AGT' stage after we have seen so much incredible talent over the years.

Though the coronavirus pandemic may have halted some of his performance plans, Ryan has taken a little break to go on a tropical vacation. SEE ALSO: FATHER AND SON MAGICIAN GET A STANDING OVATION FROM SPOOKED SIMON COWELL [VIDEO] What did you think of Ryan's 'AGT' audition with a little help from Simon and Howie? Best friends Ryan Ruckelege and Liddia Railton-Newby were stoked to audition for The X Factor with their cover of "Shooting Star." Their enthusiasm quickly wore off when they realized the judges really were not fans of their singing. Ryan And Liddia Had The Judges Confused By Their 'X Factor' Audition Immediately the looks on the judges faces when Ryan and Liddia began singing was that of complete and utter shock. The pair have one of the most memorable 'X Factor' auditions of all time but not for a good reason.

Both Ryan and Liddia pleaded with the judges and asked if they would improve if they were mentored in the competition. "You can't just come into an audition like this and throw yourselves around like two kids at playschool," Sharon said. Ryan continued to argue with the judges and asked them for another chance but they were not on the same page. "Louis Walsh you wouldn't know what talent was if it hit you in the face with a brick" Ryan yelled. After the judges all voted "no" Ryan continued on his rant, saying that Gary Barlow has bad hair and is acting younger than he actually is. As Ryan and Liddia made their way out of the audition room they continued to insult the judges. "I was dating one of the producers for the show which no-one knew and I was told that he would be able to get me far in the competition even though I couldn't sing" he said. If you found this audition to be rather cringe, check out our compilation of 10 cringeworthy contestants that did not impress Simon Cowell. What do you think Simon would've said if he was present for Ryan and Liddia's 'X Factor' audition? Do you think Ryan and Liddia's 'X Factor' audition is the most embarrassing one yet? Magician and dancer Magical Bones stunned Britain's Got Talent viewers during his emotive performance on Saturday night's final. During his act, the 38-year-old gave a performance that incorporated the story of Henry Box Brown, a 19th century US slave who escaped by stowing himself inside a wooden crate, before becoming a magician in later life. But, some were less impressed – with other viewers claiming they noticed the secret to his impressive trick. Taking to Twitter, one viewer shared a side-by-side image taken during the performance which showed Magical's hands, bound together with a pair handcuffs with him wearing a ring on both middle fingers. But, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that his right hand was missing a ring and when he stepped out – the ring had reappeared looking slightly different, and was also on the wrong finger, seeing them claim that he had used a stunt double. They penned: "If you're gonna go on national tv and do a magic trick make sure the other guy wears the same ring on the same finger..." A second added: "#BGT Magical Bones should have made sure his ring was on the correct finger before getting in the box!! Before a third tweeted: "Is it just me or did Magical Bones ring on his left hand give his trick away? Did you not see how he gave his 'trick' away by not having the person already in the box wear the same ring as him but not only that, not on the correct finger!" said a fourth. During his first audition, Magical whose real name is Richard Essien wowed the judges and audiences with an impressive back lip while performing a magic trick. Following his performance, Simon Cowell said: "The fact that maybe this show will give you the break you've been waiting for is a really fantastic feeling." SIMON COWELL has been a fan favourite on Britain's Got Talent since its first series back in 2007. The media mogul and famed talent spotter has rarely missed a single moment as a judge in 14 years on BGT - so why as he not been present for the 2020 final? Read our Britain's Got Talent live blog for the very latest updates 2 Simon Cowell will miss the Britain's Got Talent final Credit: AP:Associated Press Why is Simon Cowell not on Britain's Got Talent tonight? This year, Simon Cowell has missed shows for just the second time in Britain's Got Talent's 14-series history. The Syco founder did not judge the auditions in series five back in 2011. The outspoken mogul has missed all five BGT semi-finals and will be absent from the Grand Final tonight after suffering a broken back. Cowell fell off an electric bike while in Malibu, almost becoming paralysed and needed surgery to correct his back. The Sun has revealed Simon will be out of action for up to six months after back surgery complications. The Britain's Got Talent judge is on high-strength drugs to ease the pain and needs a full-time nurse. He will not return to the UK until spring and has been too unwell to record a video message for tonight's live final. 2 Diversity's Ashley Banjo is stepping in for Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent Credit: Rex Features Who is Simon Cowell's replacement? The 31-year-old has taken over Simon's seat for all five semi-finals and the final - while he also performed with Diversity during the first show. Simon said of Banjo: "Ashley will be a fantastic addition to the panel. The 49-year-old actress has also been a judge on the show since the first series. 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That's according to a friend of the "America's Got Talent" producer, who's been at home in Malibu, California, since August, when he confirmed he was injured badly while riding an electric bike for the first time. Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock At this point, he's reportedly in too much pain to record video messages for "America's Got Talent" when the show returns next season. (He didn't record anything for Saturday's "Britain's Got Talent" finale, either; the show wrapped up Saturday with a win for Jon Courtenay.) Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock The report comes after an update from Howie Mandel, who said in August that his co-star was "doing spectacularly well, considering" the injuries he'd suffered. At that point, Howie said he was able to walk. When he crashed, Simon was riding a Swind EB-01, which is marketed as "the world's most powerful and most advanced electric bicycle in the market" and is banned in the U.K. He was trying the e-bike out at home in his courtyard at the time. "Some good advice, if you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time," he semi-joked in August.