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Thornberry is the Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury and the current shadow foreign secretary.

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General Election 2019: Live results from Islington North and Islington South and Finsbury as exit poll predicts huge Tory majority

EMILY Thornberry is one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest parliamentary allies. The shadow foreign secretary and MP for Islington South and Finsbury is a frequent critic of the Government's Brexit strategy and is married to a High Court judge. 2 Emily Thornberry is the current Shadow Foreign Secretary Credit: PA:Press Association Who is Emily Thornberry and what's her consituency? Thornberry is the Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury and the current shadow foreign secretary. Her political career began in 2005 when she was elected with a small majority of 484.

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She was returned as MP with an increased majority in 2010 and was promptly promoted to the Shadow Cabinet. The 57-year-old made a return to the front bench in September 2015 after Jeremy Corbyn appointed her shadow employment minister. One of Corbyn's closest allies in Parliament, Thornberry has since covered foreign affairs and defence. In 2017 she repeatedly called for Boris Johnson to be sacked as Foreign Secretary over the ongoing row following Mr Johnson's comments about the jailed Briton Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Prior to entering politics, Thornberry had practised as a barrister specialising in human rights.

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She lives in London with her husband Sir Christopher Nugee, a High Court judge, and their three children. The politician branded Boris Johnson a 'reckless liar' surrounded by 'Rasputin-like' cronies. She criticised the Prime Minister for his handling of Brexit. Thornberry also hit out at his strategy guru Dominic Cummings. She said: "I shadowed Boris Johnson for two years I knew how bad he was going to be as Prime Minister, well at least I thought I did.

"He's reckless, he's a liar, he certainly isn't in the interests of this country. and I'm thinking about someone called Cummings who's not even a member of your party but who seems to be pulling all of the strings." most read in news Live Blog LIVE RESULTS Follow all the election action live as the Tories are on course for landslide VERY FISHY Thousands of pulsating 'penis-fish' exposed on beach after being washed ashore Latest DEAD MAN WALKING Corbyn looks shell-shocked & could quit in HOURS over Boris landslide 'RIP CORBYN' Piers Morgan taunts luvvies Hugh Grant & Steve Coogan for 'helping Boris win' RUDE AWAKENING Moment NAKED model confronts armed robber who demanded she opens safe TIGHT MOVE Family-of-10 crammed into tiny mouldy flat after eviction from council house What happened during her 'car crash' Woman's Hour interview in the 2017 election campaign? Thornberry stepped in for Diane Abbot and appeared on Radio 4's Women's Hour during the 2017 election campaign. On the show she said: " The difficulty is that you can make a mistake and if you arrest the wrong Mohammed and you keep him locked up for three months and you eventually realise you've got the wrong guy and you let him out – if he wasn't radical before he certainly will be by the time he gets out." But she still failed to give a figure even with the Labour manifesto in front of her. 2 The MP resigned after tweeting a "snobbish" picture of a house adorned with St George flags Credit: Twitter Why did Emily Thornberry resign from the Shadow Cabinet in 2014? The MP landed herself in hot water in November 2014 after she tweeted a picture of a house decorated with St George's flags while campaigning. She captioned the picture of Dan Ware's house with "image from Rochester". Thornberry was criticised for her "disrespectful" message, which was labelled as mocking 'white van man' and "snobby". Dan told The Sun at the time: "I've not got a clue who she is - but she's a snob. Thornberry said she had "made a mistake" and apologised "if she had upset or insulted anybody". Then-Prime Minister David Cameron said the Labour MP's actions were "completely appalling", suggesting that she was "sneering at people who work hard, are patriotic and love their country". She resigned from her shadow cabinet following the tweet. General Election 2019: Live results from Islington North and Islington South and Finsbury as exit poll predicts huge Tory majority The General Election 2019 count begins at the Sobell Leisure Centre. Follow our live blog for all the latest from the general election count in Islington. Share Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Voters have gone to the polls today to decide who will represent the constituencies for the next five years. The joint Sky/BBC/ITV exit poll gives the Tories 368 seats with Labour on 191, the SNP on 55 and LibDems 13. The Tory majority is projected to be 86. Jeremy Corbyn is defending his Islington North stronghold of 36 years, where he won a majority of 33,215 in the 2017 election. He is standing against James Clark (Conservatives), Nick Wakeling (Liberal Democrats), Caroline Russell (Greens), Yosef David (Brexit Party) and Nick the Incredible Flying Brick (Monster Raving Loony Party). In Islington South & Finsbury, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry is standing against Jason Charalambous (Conservatives), Kate Pothalingam (Liberal Democrats), Talia Hussain (Green Party), Paddy Hannam (Brexit Party) and Lord Sandys of Bunhill (Monster Raving Loony Party). In Islington North, 75,162 people have registered to vote, which is up 331 people on the electorate of 74,831 in 2017. There has also been a small uptake in Islington South & Finsbury, with an extra 953 voters swelling the numbers from 69,536 in 2017 to 70,486 now. Voters in Islington North have gone to the ballot box to elect their MP in the General Election 2019. A new Member of Parliament is being elected for the constituency, which includes the London Borough of Islington, which includes Finsbury Park, Highbury East, Highbury West, Hillrise, Junction, Mildmay, St. George's and Tollington. The sitting MP before the election was Labour's Jeremy Corbyn. Polls closed at 10pm on Thursday December 12 with the count expected to take place overnight. Results should be announced in the early hours of Friday morning. For all the latest General Election reaction in and around London visit MyLondon. You can see all the results for the constituency as they are announced in Islington North, London, and the UK, in the interactive widget and map below. Simply type in your postcode, or the constituency name, and find out who won the seat and how many votes each candidate received. Got a story or an issue you want us to investigate? Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know - in complete confidence - by emailing [email protected], calling us on 0161 211 2920, tweeting us @MENnewsdesk or messaging us on our Facebook page. To download our app to get all the latest news visit here. Voters in Islington South and Finsbury have been deciding on who will represent them in Parliament. The incumbent, Emily Thornberry, has been the MP for the constituency since 2005. She has served in various shadow cabinet roles for Labour, firstly under Ed Milliband and now under Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Foreign Secretary. In the 2017 election she won 62.8 per cent of the vote, increasing her vote share by 11.9 per cent. Her nearest rival for the seat is Jason Charalambous of the Conservative Party who won 20.7 per cent of the vote in the last election. He is running again and hopes to unseat Thornberry. The odds of Labour winning are highly likely according to the bookies. The constituency voted highly in favour of remain in the 2016 EU referendum with 71.7 per cent. We will update this article once the result is announced, which is estimated to be at 3am on Friday (December 13). You can find all the latest results from across London along with the latest analysis on our live blog by clicking here.