02 January 2020 00:49

Throughout the Christmas Day flashback episode, Dot's granddaughter Dottie tried to work out who had taken Dot's money.


One of the many mysteries in the Christmas Day episode of EastEnders centred around the unknown identity of the thief who'd tried to help themselves to five thousand pounds from Dot Branning's (June Brown) bank account. During tonight's flashback episode, it was revealed that Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) was actually said thief. Christmas Day at the Branning household was certainly one to remember, as Dot received word that someone had tried to steal £5,000 from the money that Dr Legg (Leonard Fenton) had left for her. Dotty (Milly Zero) was quick to blame Martin (James Bye) for such an incident — what with him having vanished on the day in question — but Sonia jumped to his defence and, as a method of deflection, told the young woman she was just like her father, Nick (John Altman). During tonight's flashback episode, a few more pieces of the puzzle were filled in, as — after another altercation with Sonia — Dotty started to look elsewhere for the culprits, and came to believe that Stuart (Ricky Champ) and Rainie (Tanya Franks) were responsible.

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Advertisement However, with the search becoming too much for her to handle, Sonia staged an intervention. She pretended to phone Dot's bank and explain what's happened — but it became apparent that the phone lead simply wasn't plugged in. Later, as she opened up her laptop, Dot's online banking could be seen in a tab — which confirms that it was, in fact, Sonia who had attempted to steal the cash. Will Dot find out? What's more, what did Sonia want with the money?

EastEnders continues Thursday 2nd January at 7:30pm on BBC One. MORE: From The Queen Vic siege in EastEnders to Sinead Tinker's death in Coronation Street — 16 soap moments from 2019 that we'll never forget MORE: EastEnders star Tilly Keeper reveals all on Louise Mitchell's exit storyline Advertisement Advertisement Sign up to FREE daily email alerts from mirror - soaps Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email EastEnders viewers were left utterly disgusted this evening after Sonia Fowler was exposed as the thief who had stolen Dot Branning's lifesavings. Throughout the Christmas Day flashback episode, Dot's granddaughter Dottie tried to work out who had taken Dot's money. Initially she accused Martin of taking the money after he failed to show up, before suggesting that Stuart and Rainie had done it. But viewers noticed that something was awry when Sonia suggested that she phone Dot's bank and contact the fraud team. (Image: BBC) (Image: BBC) As all of the family gathered, Sonia appeared to confirm that it was a scammer who had taken the money. Yet the camera later panned down to show that she had taken the phone line out of the wall and that she wasn't actually talking to anyone. (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes) (Image: BBC) And their fears were confirmed as Dot left, after telling Sonia that she trusted her... only for the nurse to open her laptop, showing her bank balance. A guilt-ridden Sonia then deleted her Internet history, confirming that she was wiping away the evidence of what she had done. And fans couldn't believe what they were watching. *EastEnders returns tomorrow at 7.30pm on BBC One

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