28 August 2020 16:31

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'Penguinception': This Penguin Has Been Binge Watching 'Pingu' to Kill Boredom

Image copyright Perth Zoo A penguin watching Pingu on an iPad to stop him feeling lonely should be the ultimate evidence we really can expect anything in 2020. And it's actually, legitimately happening at Perth Zoo in Australia. The penguin, who's been called Pierre - because at this point why not - was found washed up on a beach in the south west of the country. He's an endangered Northern Rockhopper penguin, and the only one in care anywhere in the whole of Australasia. Pierre's keepers - who we assume are the ones taking care of the Netflix subscription - were worried he'd not get enough socialising while he gets healthy enough to return to the wild.

So they're showing him the cartoon, along with live streams of other rockhoppers around the world - including the ones at Edinburgh Zoo. Image copyright CBBC Image caption Apparently Pingu spoke "Penguinese" in the show "Pierre should be in the Indian or sub-Antarctic oceans at this point," Danielle Henry from the zoo tells Radio 1 Newsbeat. Pierre's feathers are meant to moult once a year, which means they fall out as a brand new lot grow in. "We think he's about a first year bird so he's really quite young," says Danielle. 'He doesn't realise Pingu's a penguin' Image copyright Getty Images Image caption We can't imagine why Pierre didn't see the similarity But the big question you've had since opening this story is, does he even like Pingu? "But he probably doesn't realise that Pingu is a penguin.

Danielle says the plan is still to get Pierre back into the wild. "In the meantime, we are hoping we can get him into another zoo where there are other rockhopper penguins," she says. Because while a quick search tells us there are 157 episodes of Pingu out there, they last for just over five minutes. And after living with lockdown, we're confident enough to say any binge watching can get pretty repetitive - even in penguin. Guess which cartoon Pierre the penguin loves watching?

Penguins are among the most adorable beings in the animal kingdom. However, this clip of a penguin watching a cartoon about a penguin named Pingu is something that can easily break the cuteness barometer. Shared on the Facebook page of Perth Zoo, the clip showing Pierre the Rockhopper penguin has already won netizens' hearts. The clip shows Pierre with his caregiver. As the video starts, Pierre can be seen waddling around and having fun as his caregiver explains that he happens to be the only Rockhopper penguin at Perth Zoo. The scene transitions to the caregiver holding up an i-pad in front of Pierre showing him a video of penguins.

The clip ends with the adorable one watching the popular cartoon Pingu with undivided attention. "Pierre's a big fan of Pingu," reads the caption. Posted a few hours ago, the adorable clip has garnered over 7,700 views and more than 470 reactions. While some couldn't stop gushing at Pierre's cuteness, others poured in heart emojis in the comments. The zoo even shared a link of other adventures of Pierre. "Soooo cute," writes a Facebook user. "A Penguin watching Pingu!" comments another. Pierre enjoying 'Pingu' on screen in adorable video. A rockhopper penguin named Pierre became extremely popular on the internet overnight. Currently in Australia's Perth Zoo, a video posted by the zoo's official Facebook page has been the reason behind his popularity. Pierre has been rehabilitating in Australia due to some issues he faced in his moulting process, where a penguin's old feathers by newer ones. With no new feathers coming in, his coat is not waterproof. They play videos on the iPad by which he is extremely intrigued. On top of that, and which would catch your attention, is that he also avidly watches Pingu! Remember the famous cartoon series based on the adventures of a clumsy penguin and his family in Antarctica? Pierre is seen adorable peering into the screen and watching it all so diligently. Netizens could not stop gushing about how adorable the moment was. Most of the comments said, "so cute" and thanked the zoo for loving and taking care of the animals there. One user said, "Pingu is my second favourite cartoon. Apart from enjoying watching videos on the gadget, the adorable and rare penguin likes to check himself out in the mirror as well. Less than a year old, Pierre is being taken care of the right way so that he can undergo the moulting process. A penguin named Pierre, at the Perth Zoo in Australia, has been binge watching popular cartoon, Pingu, also based on a penguin, to kill boredom. According to a tweet by 7News Australia, Pierre has been unwell off late due to feather moulting problems. 'Pierre' the penguin has become iPad-savvy during a stint of rehabilitation for feather moulting problems at Perth Zoo. He enjoys watching rockhopper penguin documentaries, livestreams of rockhopper penguins and 'Pingu'. To make up for it, his caretakers have given him his very own iPad and he binge watches Pingu all day. While most 90s kids will know who Pingu is, here's some context - the cartoon, which first aired in 1986, focuses on the activities of a young penguin named Pingu who lives with his parents and sister, Pinga, in Antarctica. Apart from 'Pingu', Pierre has also been watching many documentaries on other rockhopper penguins like him and enjoys it a lot. He had been in a miserable condition when he was first found, but now with love and care (and of course, cartoons), Pierre's condition has improved dramatically. A penguin named Pierre is being entertained with livestreams of other penguins and the TV show Pingu when he is lonely. Pierre is in rehabilitation at the Perth Zoo as he is being treated for feather moulting, meaning his coat isn't waterproof. So, when he gets lonely, he binges on his favourite shows. According to the zoo's Facebook page, zookeepers at the facility use an iPad to show Pierre his favourite content and it is one of the cutest things that you will ever see. Perth Zoo posted the adorable clip of Pierre watching the shows with the caption, "Pierre's a big fan of Pingu (sic)." Watch the adorable clip here: The footage shows the penguin flapping his wings as he watches his favourite content. In the video, Pierre's caretaker can be heard saying that the Northern Rockhopper penguin gets lonely as he is all by himself, so to make his life a bit more enriching they livestream footage of other penguins at Kansas Zoo in America and Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. He also watches his favourite cartoon. Netizens also took to the comments section to shower their love on Pierre. According to Daily Mail, Pierre is less than a year old. He arrived at the zoo after swimming to a beach in the south-western part of Western Australia from islands in the Indian or South Atlantic Ocean. The little penguin's moult stopped because he wasn't getting the right nutrients or because of harsh environmental conditions. However, he is getting all the care at the zoo. ALSO READ: Toddler dances to lullaby in her cot in adorable viral video. You must watch it