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Scarface Reboot Lands Call Me By Your Name Director Luca Guadagnino

Luca Guadagnino, the director of Call Me By Your Name and the Suspiria remake, has reportedly been hired to direct Universal's reboot of the gangster classic Scarface Loading According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest draft of the remake was penned by Joel and Ethan Coen Guadagnino is the latest director attached to the project, following Training Day's Antoine Fuqua Harry Potter's David Yates, and Jackie's Pablo Larrain This would be the third film incarnation of Scarface, following the original 1932 classic and the 1983 remake starring Al Pacino.This latest Scarface has been in development since 2011, and had Rogue One's Gabriel Luna reportedly in the mix to star back in 2017.The movie has been described in the past as a reboot, which will see a Mexican immigrant in L.A. rising to the top of the underworld. Today is a big day for guys who had a Scarface poster in their freshman year dorm rooms, everyone who wept through the end of Call Me By Your Name, and anyone who obsessively ranks Coen brothers movies. It's an especially big day for the 17 people who exist in the middle of that Venn diagram because: Luca Guadagnino is directing... a Scarface reboot written by... Joel and Ethan Coen.

This bit of delightful movie mad libs comes courtesy of Variety, which reports that the Call Me By Your Name director is now attached to the project over at Universal, described as "a reimagining of the core immigrant story told in both the 1932 and 1983 films... set in Los Angeles." Guadagnino's multitude of other projects include an upcoming HBO limited series about American teenagers living on an Italian military base called We Are Who We Are, a Call Me By Your Name sequel, and a film based on the Bob Dylan album Blood on the Tracks. He's also rumored to be in the talks to direct a Lord of the Flies remake. Variety first reported that the Coens were polishing the script back in early 2017 with Diego Luna slated to reprise Al Pacino's iconic role as Tony Montana. But as Collider reported in February of this year, Luna is out, so it's still unclear which actor will be tasked to fill Tony's perilously unbuttoned shirts.

It should be noted that this possibly cursed Scarface reboot was originally slated to come out in August 2018, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt. But assuming that it does go forward, we have some questions: Will Timothée Chalamet forcefully introduce us to his little friend? (His Eiffel Tower keychain.) Will the Coen brothers somehow find a way to infuse their Midwestern sensibilities on the drug kingpin? ("You wanna fuck with me? Oh jeez.") And, most importantly, will we get the massive hot tub bubble bath embedded in a carpeted floor that we, as a nation, need to heal?

Luca Guadagnino is attached to direct the Scarface reboot. The Call Me By Your Name director is helming the project from a script written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. A previous versions of the story were written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Jonathan Herman, and Paul Attanasio. The 1932 version took place in Chicago, while the 1983 version took place in Miami. The reboot, which does not have a cast at this time, will take place in Los Angeles.

In the 1932 version of Scarface, an Italian took over Chicago, and in the De Palma remake, Tony Montana took over the cocaine trade in Miami and had it consume his life. The iconic 1983 take on Scarface starred Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer with Brian DePalma behind the camera. The reboot is a "reimagining of the immigrant story" focus told in both the previous versions with a third new setting. A reboot has been talked about for decades, but 2011 was when things really started to get moving with original producer Martin Bregman on board with a screenplay by David Ayer and David Yates in talks to direct. That version did not get past the development stage.

In 2014, Pablo Larraín was in negotiations to direct the Scarface reboot, along with Paul Attanasio writing the script. Jonathan Herman was set in March 2015 to rewrite both drafts of the script and then nothing happened with those stories either. In 2018, it was announced that Antoine Fuqua will direct the reboot with Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer writing the screenplay. There have been a lot of people attached to this particular project over the years. Will Luca Guadagnino and the Coen Brothers be the ones to finally bring it into theaters? Luca Guadagnino is also preparing to make a sequel to Call Me By Your Name. As of now, it's unclear when production will be able to begin for the sequel or the Scarface reboot. The entertainment industry is on hold for the moment, though behind-the-scenes work is still able to get done. Whatever the case may be, people have waited a long time to see a Scarface remake with many wondering how it will be able to compare to Brian DePalma's take on the source material, which is considered to be one of the best movies of all time. The Scarface reboot will be produced by Dylan Clark for his Dylan Clark Productions. Universal SVP of Production Jay Polidoro and Director of Development Lexi Barta will oversee the project for Universal. Now that Luca Guadagnino is attached to direct, we could end up learning about a cast in the coming months, if the director ends up sticking with the project. Deadline was the first to announce the Scarface reboot news. © NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock "Call Me by Your Name" filmmaker Luca Guadagnino will direct a reboot of "Scarface" for Universal Pictures. Joel Coen and Ethan Coen wrote the latest version of the script with earlier drafts by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Jonathan Herman and Paul Attanasio. "Scarface" will be produced by Dylan Clark for his Dylan Clark Productions. Scott Stuber will executive produce alongside Marco Marabito. SVP Brian Williams will also executive produce for Dylan Clark Productions. The story has been adapted a number of times, most recently in the 1983 classic starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer with Brian DePalma directing. The new pic is a reimagining of the core immigrant story told in both the 1932 and 1983 films, and will be set in Los Angeles. Senior VP of production Jay Polidoro and director of development Lexi Barta will oversee the project for Universal. Guadagnino has spent the majority of his career directing prestige films, so "Scarface" would be the closest he's come to taking on a tentpole. He most recently helmed a remake of "Suspiria" for Amazon Studios, which starred Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Chloe Moretz. Prior to that, he directed the Academy Award-winning drama "Call Me by Your Name," which earned him an Oscar nomination. He is currently on post-production on his HBO limited series "We Are Who We Are," which stars Alice Braga and Kid Cudi, and is also developing a remake of "Lord of the Flies" for Warner Bros. He is repped by WME and Goodman, Schenkman LLP. "Scarface" was transplanted to Miami in Brian De Palma's 1983 hit movie, starring Al Pacino as a ruthless Cuban refugee who builds a criminal empire based on cocaine (AFP Photo/Frazer Harrison) Los Angeles (AFP) - A reboot of classic gangster movie "Scarface" scripted by the Coen brothers and set in Los Angeles is moving forward with a new director at Universal Pictures, a source familiar with the deal told AFP Thursday. The film will be directed by Oscar nominee Luca Guadagnino ("Call Me By Your Name") and will be the third big-screen take on the blood-soaked immigrant underworld story. The original 1932 movie directed by Howard Hawks--itself based on a novel partly inspired by Al Capone's life--depicted Italian mafia in Chicago. The action was transplanted to Miami in Brian De Palma's 1983 hit movie, starring Al Pacino as ruthless Cuban refugee Tony Montana, who builds a criminal empire based on cocaine. The new film will reimagine "the core immigrant story" told in both the 1932 and 1983 films. In adapting the story once again, Joel and Ethan Coen ("Fargo") follow in the footsteps of Oliver Stone, who won plaudits for his flashy and ultra-violent screenplay for the second version--which included Pacino's immortal line "Say hello to my little friend." The multiple Oscar-winning Coen brothers wrote the latest version of the script based on previous drafts for the long-gestating project. Italian filmmaker Guadagnino is also reportedly working on a "Call Me By Your Name" sequel, and a "Lord of the Flies" adaptation. No release date or cast have yet been announced for the new "Scarface." All production in Hollywood is currently shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Scarface Reboot Lands Call Me By Your Name Director Luca Guadagnino Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise are also in the cast of the new movie with Guadagnino writing and directing. Advertisement The movie is set in the 1960s and centers on a woman named Callie, who is a news reporter who has befriended her new boss, a Hollywood producer played by Hanks