06 August 2020 16:33

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HARLOTS is thrilling fans once more, as the BBC broadcast the saucy period drama about prostitution and debauchery. Fans are now eager to know where the erotic show is filmed. 3 Harlots is a raunchy BBC drama Credit: ITV Picture Desk Where is Harlots filmed? Harlots is set in London in the the year 1763 where one in five women are selling their bodies. It is inspired by Harris's List Of Covent Garden Ladies, a debauched directory that acted as the yellow pages for prostitution in the 18th century.

Where is Harlots filmed?

With brothels on every corner, the drama focuses on one madam, Margaret Wells and her daughter Charlotte who become embroiled in a turf war with rival madam Lydia Quigley. Here we reveal the locations that were used to re-recreate this period. Langleybury Mansion 3 Harlots was filmed at Langleybury Mansion Credit: Monumental Television Harlots was filmed primarily at Langleybury Mansion in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. The house is used for scenes set in London including the replica of Soho's Greek Street and Covent Garden. The history of Langleybury Mansion dates as far back as 1720 when the previous house on the site was demolished to make way for the current manor which was built by Georgian judge and politician Robert Raymond. The ownership Langleybury Mansion was passed between several families and notable barons until 1947 when the house was sold to Hertfordshire County Council and converted into a school and in 1953 it was designated as a Grade II listed building. Harlots isn't the only production to be filmed there. The mansion was also used for 1999's Hope and Glory, 2007's St Trinian's, 2013's Diana and 2015's In the Heart of the Sea. Chiswick House 3 Chiswick House was also used for filming Harlots Credit: Kevin Dunnett - The Sun The other main location listed for the series' production was Chiswick House in the Chiswick area of London. The house was built and designed by Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington (1694-1753), and completed in 1729 During the 19th century the house fell into decline, and was rented out by the Cavendish family. It was used as an asylum, known as the the Chiswick Asylum, from 1892. In 1929, the 9th Duke of Devonshire sold Chiswick House to Middlesex County Council, and it became a fire station. The villa suffered damage during World War II. Today the house is a Grade I listed building, and is maintained by English Heritage. more on filming locations THE FORGOTTEN COUNTY Where is Channel 5 drama The Deceived filmed? FALLING IN LINE What you need to know about where Line of Duty is filmed FRENCH FANCY How much does it cost to stay at the Escape To The Chateau castle? SEW-DOWN Where is The Great British Sewing Bee filmed? DOC MARTIN'S WORLD We reveal the places Doc Martin is filmed and how you can stay there How can I watch Harlots? Harlots is currently being screened on BBC Two. You can catch it every Wednesday at 9pm. You can also watch series 1 of Harlots now on the BBC iPlayer.