28 August 2020 16:44

Tottenham vs Reading

Tottenham Hotspur v Reading FC live: Brilliant Lamela free kick puts Spurs four in front

Hello and welcome to live coverage of Tottenham's second pre-season game of the summer. Having started with a comfortable 3-0 win over Ipswich Town last Saturday, Championship side Reading make the trip over to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this afternoon. The Spurs boss will this time have a few more players to choose from after a number of his squad missed out six days ago due to them returning at different times. As the Lilywhites have another pre-season friendly on Saturday against Birmingham City, Mourinho could well split his squad in two so that all players get a good amount of minutes in the tank ahead of the Premier League opener against Everton on September 12. You can follow all the action from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium right here in our live blog as Spurs reporters Alasdair Gold and Rob Guest are in position in the press box.

Welcome to live coverage of Reading's second friendly of pre-season. They are taking on Premier League side Spurs at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It's the second game in a week for Reading as they get ready for their new Championship campaign which is just over two weeks away. Both players are set to feature again in the game against Spurs. Reporter Jonathan Low will provide full coverage of the game against Tottenham in the live blog below.

Tottenham Hotspur host Championship club Reading FC at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium today in their second preseason tune-up. There aren't many indications on how Spurs will line up in this match, but you'd think it'll probably be pretty similar to what we saw against Ipswich last weekend. Just in case you're wondering, there will NOT be a post-match thread for this one as all of us are working on a Friday, but I'll try and get some match reactions up later tonight or at the weekend once I've had a chance to actually watch it. The good news is that American fans can watch this match on Bleacher Report Live. That's cheaper than what Tottenham are charging those who want to stream the match through N17 Live and who aren't season ticket or One Hotspur members, so count your lucky stars.

A reminder that links to illegal streams are strictly forbidden to site rules. Violators will be banned. Location: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, England The match thread rules are the same as always. Violators will be warned or banned. Along those lines, outright abuse of players or match officials is also not allowed.

The most revealing moment in the opening episode of All Or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur occurs during a private meeting between the newly appointed manager, José Mourinho, and his captain, England's star striker, Harry Kane. "The world looks to English football with respect, but they still think the movie stars of football belong to other places … I am a little bit [like] that as a coach," says Mourinho. Mourinho knows he is this star of the show and the programme-makers have clearly decided to let him steal every scene he's in. During the rare moments in which Mourinho is absent, the series starts to feel like a high-budget video diary of a season that has already been and gone. Sure, getting Tom Hardy to narrate an end-of-season DVD would be unlikely – but even the thrill of his dulcet tones soon wears thin, not least because he's mainly talking about where Tottenham are in the league over yet another shot of the London skyline.

Professional football is repeatedly characterised as a high-stakes affair, a ruthless business in which the finest of margins separate the winners from the losers, but the audience often doesn't get to see the moments when these dynamics come to a head. The fact that Pochettino's dismissal takes place off-camera is an early disappointment and one can't help but shake the feeling that Tottenham and the club chair, Daniel Levy, were reluctant to let anything too interesting survive the edit. It adroitly straddles the line between gritty workplace drama and glossy puff piece, and the scenes rarely drag (unlike the weirdly tedious series following Manchester City). Uncertainty over the Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen's contract is covered extensively in episode two, and, while he comes across well, it's hard to care too much knowing that he will be dumped by Levy at the end of the season. How much you enjoy the series is largely contingent on what you think of Mourinho and his motives In comparison, the behind-the-scenes access provided by All Or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur feels like a pale imitation of the real thing – and it feels like only last month that the season finished. If you love football, then you're probably more interested in the fact that the new season begins in a couple of weeks, rather than in an Amazon docuseries about the circus surrounding it that inevitably leans heavily on the charisma (or lack thereof) of its central cast. Fortunately, Mourinho has this quality in abundance, but it means that how much you enjoy the series is largely contingent on what you think of the man and his motives. • All Or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur begins on Amazon Prime Video on 31 August 2020 with new episodes available each Monday