31 August 2020 14:39

Twenty-three years ago today, Princess Diana died after a fatal car crash.

Princess Diana's devastating final words as firefighter desperately tried to save her

Princess Diana died 23 years ago to this day in an accident in Paris. Tributes have poured in today over the Princess of Wales' tragic and untimely passing. Well-wishers gathered outside Kensington Palace to honour Diana as well as leaving flowers and gifts outside the gates. Well-wishers gather outside Kensington Palace on the 23rd anniversary of Princess Diana's death (Credit: SplashNews.com) Thousands have taken to Twitter to post their tributes and memories of the late royal. One mourner tweeted: "#PrincessDiana 23 Years ago today, the United Kingdom lost their 'Peoples Princess.' "RIP #Diana Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana passed 23 years ago today (Credit: SplashNews.com) In addition, another shared: "23 years ago the world lost one of the most inspiring and influential women the world could know. After that, a third user posted: "23 years ago today we lost this angel. Princess Diana died in Paris in 1997 (Credit: SplashNews.com) "We love you Diana, the people's princess who is always in our hearts Red heart #PrincessDiana." Read more: Princess Diana's bodyguard speaks on Prince Harry and Prince William's rift On August 31, 1997, Diana died aged 36. She died after suffering internal injuries and several cardiac arrests after her chauffeur driven car collided in a tunnel accident. Read more: Controversial Princess Diana musical to air on Netflix next year However, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with their sons Prince William and Prince Harry (Credit: SplashNews.com) Meanwhile, now Prince William and Prince Harry maintain their mother's legacy. They both continue to partake in charity initiatives which were close to their mother's heart. A new Princess Diana statue set to be unveiled next year (Credit: SplashNews.com) In addition, they shall unveil a new Princess Diana statue next year in Kensington Gardens. Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix. It's been over 20 years since Diana's shocking, untimely death (Picture: Getty) The People's Princess, Diana, Princess of Wales, was a beloved icon, and her death sent the world into a state of shock unlike anything seen before. Mother to Prince William and Prince Harry, Diana was a popular figure thanks to her open demeanour and her charity work.

When did Princess Diana die and how old would she have been now? How long ago did Princess Diana die? Princess Diana died 23 years ago today. Princess Diana was beloved by many. In the early hours of August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died in hospital after being injured in a car accident in a road tunnel in Paris.

Her partner, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes-Benz W140, Henri Paul, were pronounced dead at the scene. A memorial to Diana was opened in Hyde Park by Her Majesty The Queen on July 6, 2004. The fountain was built to reflect Diana's life, the website states, with water flowing from the highest point in two directions as it cascades, swirls and bubbles before meeting in a calm pool at the bottom. The Memorial symbolises Diana's quality and openness. How old was Princess Diana when she died?

Princess Diana was 36 years old at the time of her death. Born on July 1, 1961, Diana would've turned 59 this year. Princess Diana, Princess of Wales with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Had she lived, she would be a grandmother to four – after her eldest son, Prince William and Kate Middleton, welcomed children Prince George in 2013, Princess Charlotte in 2015 and Prince Louis in 2018. Diana's youngest son, Prince Harry, welcomed his first child, Prince Archie, with wife Meghan Markle in 2019. Diana was also known for being a style icon (Picture: Getty Images) MORE: Princess Diana statue to be unveiled on what would have been her 60th birthday Get our daily royal round-up direct to your inbox Sign up Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email When firefighter Xavier Gourmelon found a "blonde woman" sitting in the back seat of a crashed car in a Paris tunnel on August 31, 1997, he told her stay calm. He gave the woman he would later learn was Princess Diana some oxygen before she was taken out of the car, and he held her hand to comfort her. He claims there was no blood on her at all, and although he could see a slight injury to her right shoulder he didn't believe it to be anything significant. She regained consciousness thanks to Mr Gourmelon and his team's CPR efforts, and they thought she was going to survive. Her ambulance left for the hospital at 1.25am, arriving 41 minutes later. Within minutes of arriving at Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital Diana was in surgery, but the dedicated team couldn't save her. An inquest later heard she had suffered serious internal injuries including a ruptured blood vessel near her heart. Twenty-three years ago today, Princess Diana died after a fatal car crash. Diana was the people's princess – and was loved by many in the UK even after her divorce from Prince Charles. On the 23rd anniversary of her death, tributes are pouring in, from the British Red Cross to her fans who remain committed to her memory years after her death. Earlier this week, it was announced that a statue of Princess Diana would be put up in the Kensington Gardens. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Invalid Email A firefighter who fought to save Princess Diana's life minutes after the car she was in crashed in a Paris tunnel has revealed her final words. Xavier Gourmelon said he had no idea who the "blonde woman" in the back of the car was, but didn't believe she was in immediate danger as she was conscious and had her eyes open. The emergency serviceman would later learn the woman was Princess Diana, and said he comforted her by holding her hand as she was taken out of the car. The Princess then went in to cardiac arrest, Xavier claims, and he was forced to massage Diana's heart before she was put into an ambulance. Speaking to the Sun in 2017, Mr Gourmelon said: "I massaged her heart and a few seconds later she started breathing again. But I found out later she had died in hospital. "I had no idea then that it was Princess Diana. Mr Gourmelon claims there was no blood on the Princess at all, but did say he could see a slight injury to her right shoulder. However, he didn't believe this injury to be life-threatening and Diana regained consciousness thanks to his team's CPR efforts. The ambulance arrived for the Princess at 1.25am and, 41 minutes later she had arrived at Pitié-Salpétrière hospital. From there, Princess Diana was rushed into surgery but the team at the hospital failed to save her life. An inquest later revealed she had suffered serious internal injuries that wouldn't have been immediately visible to Mr Gourmelon. Princess Diana had a ruptured blood vessel near her heart, and further severe internal lacerations. Mr Gourmelon said he found it "very upsetting" when he discovered the Princess had passed away.