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Exposed: The Church's Darkest Secret Silent Witness Rating: Wherever you flipped, things were gloomy. Channel Four featured actual footage of picture mortuary scenes because the entire body of a retired instructor was exhumed in Acquiring A Killer. A corpse crawling with maggots was hauled out of a ditch onto Silent Witness (of which more in a minute). More gruesome nonetheless, Cold Feet's larky fiftysomethings — that the tv equivalent of the undead — were right back to get a 304th series on ITV. There was not much light relief in a research to the way devious Bishop Peter Ball managed to maintain his puppy collar after being faked for sexually abusing rookie monks, even on Exposed: The Church's Darkest Secret (BBC2).

Overall, the telly was fun than a day spent at a dripping caravan with out the lights, eating Spam and chilly beans, into a soundtrack of Morrissey singing Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. The series probedo how devious Bishop Peter Ball managed to maintain his puppy collar after being unprepared for sexually abusing novice monks Breaking NEWS Frozen in time! Australian celebrities who have hardly aged a day within ten years Australian celebrities who have hardly aged a day within ten years Why would TV execs program all this to the next Monday in January, if they understand everyone is skint, exhausted and fed up? It is sadistic. The documentary concerning the predatory Ball, that wheedled and bullied young guys into entry at his'spiritual retreats', pulled few punches. Among the victims, today extravagant, commented at the onset of the programme:'How corrupt and disoriented and evil the pervading culture and direction of the Church of England is' The Church had been convicted of a cover-up, moving all of the way to Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, who heard tales of Ball's abuses at the early Nineties and did nothing about that. Even the BBC's righteous indignation in this could be more persuasive if Broadcasting House supervisors hadn't obstinately closed their ears at this exact same age to rumours of sexual attacks on children by a few of their best-known Id, many critically Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. The closest the manufacturers came into admitting that parallels exist between the BBC and the Church has been a recording in the writings of a prime-time meeting using an smooth-talking bishop. We watched Terry Wogan, on his own teatime chatshow from the Eighties, introducing Ball into applause. However, the excerpt comprised just one short question, and the two snippets lasted less than ten minutes. I'd have liked to find the entire interview: it may have given us a sign of the way the bishop appeared when he had been devoting his charm. Drunken mayhem at night: Mixing the long-suffering Thai tourist authorities on Busted Back in Bangkok (C5), cameras watched bloody battles, robberies and receptive prostitution. It is billed as a vacation heaven but Thailand appears much more like hell in the world. Rather, we saw re-enactments of the interrogations by police, together with Donald Sumpter enjoying with the cleric. Normally, true crime documentaries utilize unknown celebrities: choosing a renowned celebrity from Game Of Thrones and Les Miserables was an odd and distracting option. Authorities interrogations and everything were completed by offense's biggest multi-tasker, Nikki Alexander at Silent Witness (BBC1). Dr Nikki (Emilia Fox) is not only a pathologist: her responsibilities included seeing parents to inform them that their son's body was discovered and briefing a group of detectives in their own duties. She still found the time to advise a copper using marital issues. However, her secretary, forensics specialist Jack (David Caves), easily outpaced her quizzing witnesses, pursuing and arresting suspects, and turning up in a single spot using a search warrant. Jack Of All Time, really. However, this is a well-paced incident, with tons of spins. To continue to keep up characters to pace with the storyline, tellies were abandoned blaring where they moved, viewing news bulletins. One individual came back into an empty home, to discover he had left BBC News 24 on every single afternoon. Rather than being cross at the waste of power, he saw that the headlines went off to burn off some signs. There is a useful idea if you've got a guilty conscience: necessarily have the TV on.