02 August 2020 16:30

United Kingdom European Parliament election, 2019 Rachel Johnson

Claire Fox is among the 36 new peers named by the government on Friday Just 11 months ago, Claire Fox was still expressing her opposition to the House of Lords. Now, the former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), who has long bemoaned the unelected elites of the upper chamber, is set to don an ermine gown, one of the 36 new peers named by the government on Friday. Even on a controversial list, Fox stands out. She has moved from the RCP via the BBC to the Brexit Party, and will now become a non-affiliated peer. She said yesterday that she still wanted the Lords abolished, but would now make that case from inside the chamber.

Brexit peer Claire Fox still wants to abolish Lords

An arch-libertarian, Fox has said that she does not believe in censorship of the internet, even for child pornography and videos