23 March 2020 06:36

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The Department of Culture has made clear on www.gov.uk that all travel should be avoided unless it is essential due to the coronavirus pandemic. Their website states "Essential travel does not include visits to second homes (…) or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays." This puts additional pressure on at risk communities and services. All people should remain in their primary homes, to better help with these measures The newer guidelines come after the government's guidance on social distancing becoming stronger. All people over 70 years old have been urged to stay home as they're at particular risk. This also applies to anyone with a pre-existing health conditions, such as asthma or chronic heart disease.

Coronavirus warning: Government issues important advice about travelling around UK

Boris Johnson has been giving daily updates about coronavirus These groups are expected to isolate themselves, far away from social gatherings. Self isolation has been a struggle for many, but government measures have been introduced to help those affected most by the virus. Chancellor Rishi Sunak made a landmark budget declaration on Wednesday where the government will pay the wages of out of work Britons left furloughed by the virus. Up to 80 percent of workers wages, up to 2'500 pounds, are going to be paid for the government to help ease pressure on business and the public. READ MORE: Coronavirus latest: Italy BANS international travel Government measures have been introduced to help those affected most by the virus This is meant to help self-isolating workers who are afraid that the virus might bankrupt them. While most are following the advice, there have been people who haven't followed the government guidelines to avoid travel and mass gatherings. Boris Johnson said in a daily briefing on Sunday that the UK may need to adopt stricter lockdown policy if the guidelines aren't respected. "I say as firmly as I can, going outside and exercising outdoors, you have got to take into account of medical advice and social distancing. DON'T MISS US: Healthy 12-year-old girl 'fighting for life' [INSIGHT] Loose Women cancelled as ITV pulls filming due to coronavirus [REVEALED] At least 23 dead after Colombian prisoners protest [DEVELOPED] The government has warned people to only travel if essential "If people can't do that - won't do that, then of course, we will bring in tougher measures. We don't to do that but that may well be necessary." Some people have hit out at the government's advice, saying that self-isolation should've been made compulsory: Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan tweeted: "You made a catastrophic mistake with 'herd immunity' that cost us 2 weeks - why are you now making another with only partial lockdown?" Britons have been taking advantage of the minimal lockdown, and in some parts of the country have been seen gathering in pubs despite warnings. Some people have hit out at the government's advice Trending

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