03 September 2020 08:37

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How to watch Two Weeks to Live: stream Maisie Williams' new show online from anywhere

Maisie Williams returns to our screen this week in revenge comedy Two Weeks To Live as Kim, who leaves her overbearing mother (Fleabag's Sian Clifford) behind to avenge her dead father's killer. "The original storyline was that a virus broke out and the world was going to end," Maisie told Miss Vogue, having dialled into a call from her current base in Paris. Maisie Williams in Two Weeks To Live. Williams delights in the fact that Two Weeks To Live has a young female lead at its heart, but is still keen to see even more opportunities for women both in front of and behind the camera. While seeing Maisie do full-blown funny will be a new experience for fans, other elements of her role in Two Weeks To Live are more familiar.

Two Weeks To Live will air tonight on Sky One and is available to stream in full. This is the premise of the latest Sky Original Two Weeks To Live which stars Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams and we have all the details on how you can watch the new series online or on TV. At the start of the series, Kim is all grown up and she decides to head out into the world for the first time on a secret mission to honor her father's memory. Whether you're a big Maisie Williams fan and miss seeing her in Game of Thrones or you just want to see what this new black comedy from Sky is all about, we'll show you how to watch Two Weeks To Live online from anywhere in the world. Two Weeks To Live will premiere on Sky One on Wednesday, September 2 at 10pm BST.

New episodes of the show will air every Wednesday at the same time on TV, though all six episodes of the show will be available to stream online on Sky Q from that date as well. However, if you want to watch Sky One's new black comedy when you're away from home, then you'll likely run into problems as your domestic coverage online from abroad will be geo-blocked. ExpressVPN No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch Two Weeks To Live. If you live in the UK and are a Sky subscriber, you'll be able to watch new episodes of Two Weeks To Live on TV every Wednesday at 10pm BST on Sky One. However, the network has also made the decision to release all six episodes of the new series on its premium service Sky Q beginning on September 2. If you want to sign up for Sky Q to watch all of Two Weeks To Live when the new series releases, it'll cost you as the service's entry level bundle is priced at £22 per month and there is also a £20 setup fee.

Don't want to sign up for a contract with Sky but still want to watch Two Weeks To Live online? The service also offers a 7-day free trial so you can test it out for yourself to watch Two Weeks To Live. As Two Weeks To Live is a Sky Original, the series won't be available to watch in the US when it releases in the UK on September 2. If you just can't wait to watch Two Weeks To Live in the US, you can always grab a VPN and follow the instructions above to do so before its official release. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is back on the small screen this September in a new dark comedy from UK broadcaster Sky called Two Weeks to Live.

Read on to find out how to stream Two Weeks to Live and watch every episode online today, including for free. The great news for binge-viewers, however, is that all six episodes of this new series are now available to watch on demand in the UK via Sky - meaning you can watch them for FREE with a Now TV trial. During her very first trip to a pub, Kim meets brothers Nicky (Mawaan Rizwan) and Jay (Taheen Modak), with the landlord siblings convincing her that there's been a nuclear attack and they've got just two weeks to live.The joke inevitably goes horribly wrong, leaving Kim, her survivalist mother (played by Fleabag's Sian Clifford), and the two publicans in a dangerous situation. Follow our guide below as we explain how to watch Two Weeks to Live online and stream the new Maisie Williams show wherever you are today. How to watch Two Weeks to Live for FREE: stream every episode online in the UK today New episodes of Two Weeks to Live air weekly on Sky One each Wednesday at 10pm - starting on Wednesday September 2.

A Now TV Entertainment Pass costs just £8.99 per month, but take advantage of the 7-day free trial and you should have ample time to binge Two Weeks to Live without paying a penny. And anyone from the UK who finds themselves abroad during these difficult times can use a VPN to access the streaming services they pay for at home - just follow the simple instructions below. How to watch Two Weeks to Live from outside your country As Two Weeks to Live is a Sky One exclusive, anyone from the UK who's currently away from home won't find it being aired simultaneously in places like the USA, Canada or Australia. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee) and is the #1 rated best VPN in the world right now. ■ Two Weeks To Live co-stars stand-up comedian Mawaan Rizwan and The Bay's Taheen Modak talk Maisie Williams' gun skills and dance moves, and Sian Clifford's invaluable tax advice The first week you're like, 'It's Arya Stark and Claire from Fleabag.' Eventually that falls away and you realise there's a real person behind that. Jay thinks their relationship is one thing, Nicky wants to tell me it's something else. T: Nicky on the face of things is the more sensitive brother so you think he needs Jay more but actually I think it's the other way round. ■ Two Weeks To Live is available on Sky One and NOW TV now Martin Carr reviews Two Weeks To Live starring Maisie Williams… Comedy comes through in the conflict of interests which keeps Two Weeks To Live moving along at pace.