22 December 2020 04:30

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The Story Behind the Story of Martin Shkreli’s Romance With a Reporter

Many suggested that Cave wouldn't appreciate being aligned with Smythe, while others said the shoot only made them want a piece by The Vampire's Wife more. In April the journalist Christie Smythe wrote those words to a federal judge about Martin Shkreli, the widely vilified former pharmaceutical executive who is serving a seven-year sentence on a fraud conviction. Ms. Smythe, 37, wrote to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York on April 14 as part of an emergency motion filed by Mr. Shkreli's lawyers requesting a compassionate release. In the letter, an unredacted copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, Ms. Smythe laid out the story of how she, a former Bloomberg News reporter who helped break the story of Mr. Shkreli's arrest in 2015, had fallen in love with a man the BBC had called "the most hated man in America." She asked the judge to allow Mr. Shkreli to continue serving his sentence in home confinement, at her Manhattan apartment. "It has been a long emotional journey for me from when I first came into your courtroom as a journalist covering Martin Shkreli's case in 2015 to the present moment, as I submit this letter to you as his girlfriend and would-be life partner," she wrote.

Martin Shkreli gal pal Christie Smythe told The Post on Monday that she's open to dating other guys — now that the "Pharma Bro'' fraudster unceremoniously gave her the boot through one of his lawyers. Caught out in public for the first time since she revealed the oddball pair's romance in a sensational magazine piece Sunday, the former Bloomberg News reporter said, "He basically dumped me through his lawyers." Smythe was referring to the cold statement Shkreli issued to Elle mag through one of his lawyer when asked for comment on Smythe's tale about their romance. "Mr. Shkreli wishes Ms. Smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors,'' said the statement from Shkreli, who was convicted of cheating investors in 2017 and is serving a seven-year prison term — a case Smythe helped cover. "It's similar to getting fired by a CEO,'' said the journalist, who gave up her husband and Bloomberg job for Shkreli. I didn't engage in any romantic interactions with him until I was done with Bloomberg," Smythe said of Shkreli.

Published in Elle magazine, it's a reported account of Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe giving up her career and her marriage for a now-scuttled relationship with reviled hedge-funder Martin Shkreli, who is serving a seven-year sentence in federal prison for fraud. Smythe, who had already sold the film rights to her book proposal about her relationship with Shkreli, has been gamely tweeting through the chatter. On Monday morning, Clifford got on the phone with Intelligencer to discuss how the story came to be published, whether she believes Smythe is delusional, and what was up with that fashion shoot. You mention in the piece that you sat next to Smythe in the courtroom during the Shkreli trial. I reached out to her again and said, "Listen, if and when you want to tell your story, I'm here." And she didn't at the time.

I stayed in touch with her, I didn't want to put pressure on her, but I said, "You're a journalist, you know it's a good story" — the angle is about a journalist falling in love with a source. I wanted it to be a careful, slow telling of Christie and Christie's story, and I think women's magazine's — I kind of hate the term women's magazines because I think they are so much more ambitious and smart and they do terrific work and they're often siphoned off as not doing that work. I said, "I think by focusing on you, rather than on Shkreli, that will interest people." Because everybody's thought about, What would it be like if I threw my life away? I sent a letter to Shkreli early on, saying I'm writing about this, I'll get back about specific facts that I'm using about you, but if you have a comment or [want to] talk. Here's a tweet I just read: "So you're telling me there's some newly divorced, gainfully employed guy in Brooklyn who likes dogs and has a great party story?" Do you think he would appreciate the overtures?

People are saying mean things to Christie about Shkreli on her own feed, and she's handling it well and sensibly, I think, from what I've seen. Martin Shkreli wishes 'best of luck' to former reporter who left her job, husband for him Former Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe opened up in a viral interview about her peculiar path from reporting on "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli's legal downfall to falling in love with him, leaving her husband and quitting her job. "I fell down the rabbit hole," Smythe told reporter Stephanie Clifford in the Elle magazine story posted online Sunday, noting she is "happy here." According to Elle's story, Smythe quit her job and divorced her husband in a nine-month span between 2018 and 2019 after her relationship with Shkreli shifted from a reporter learning about her subject to a woman actively advocating for him in a way her employer deemed "unprofessional." "I told Martin I loved him," Smythe said. "This story is the only thing I want to talk about (right now)," tweeted New York Times culture and technology reporter Taylor Lorenz.